is this Mercedes-Benz commercial 'ripping off' Prince's lyrics from "Take Me With U"?

This commercial came on a couple of times tonight during the Browns/Jets game, and after the second time through I recognized the lyrics “I don’t care where we go… I don’t care what we do… just take me with you”.

They obviously attached a completely different sort of musical riff to it, and it does seem like a pretty common sentiment that you might share with your significant other (“wherever we go, whatever we do, I just want to be with you”), so if I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt I could see it being a catchy “theme” for a car commercial where the cute couple is tearing ass across the country together.

My opinion is that if there’s such a thing as a current-day “Prince estate-holder”, that they must recognize the lyrics and that they should somehow be given some sort of royalty compensation. (Wasn’t Prince super protective of his stuff - seems like for the longest time you couldn’t even play his stuff on youtube?)

granted, I could totally be misremembering that last part

It’s certainly nothing that I’m gonna lose sleep over, but I wanted to gather opinions from people more intelligent than me, when it comes to the do’s and dont’s of copyright infringement, and whether this may or may not qualify. Thank you for any insight.

You heard right. Mercedes is the second company to license Prince’s music for commercials. Citibank is the other. So far.

That’s dreadful. Lazy and pointless.

If they have licensed his stuff why on earth wouldn’t they at least try and reflect some of the man’s genius?

But hey, it is a car commercial. I once heard The Jam’s “That’s entertainment” being covered un-ironically in a wheezy, wet drippy falsetto for a Nissan of all things. Ad executives are philistines and idiots but I don’t think that’s anything we didn’t already know.