Is this photo a little over the top?

I don’t even support the war, and I thought this picture was just a tad much. It’s the photo of the bedouin boy.

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Over the top in what way?

There are also two men in the photo. The troops are questioning the men, not the boy (I think). I don’t see what’s over the top about it.

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I thought the photo was pretty funny. I can’t help but think that this kid, who looks to be about 10, is probably outwitting the U.S. Army intelligence officers who are questioning him!

Yes, the boy is obviously not the subject of the questioning (I think). My point? Look at cropping, the perspective, the fact that the guns are at the boy’s eye level, the fact that only the boy’s face is visible, and that cowering expression on his face.

Perhaps the intelligence officers could not be photographed. Who knows? Just thought making the boy the center of the photo was a bit misleading.

Carry on.


And caption: “A boy looked on as U.S. Army intelligence officers questioned Bedouins about Iraqi troop movements today in central Iraq.”

I also don’t get it. Ok, a boy. In the war zone. So what. We all knew it.

Actually, the “A boy looked on as” part was not included when I originally saw the page.

Oh well.


Given that there have been cases of people “surrendering” and then shooting, I don’t think I blame the soldier for keeping whoever it is in his funsights until he’s sure.

Check the photo again. The soldiers aren’t actually pointing they’re guns at anyone.