Moron soldier in Iraq


Fuck Lance Cpl. Ted J. Boudreaux Jr.
This makes me embarrassed to be an American.

This may or may not have been Lance Cpl. Ted J. Boudreaux Jr.’s intention, but I look at that photo and I see a strong commentary on the conduct of soldiers during wartime. People will get all pissed off because of the insensitive “gag photo”, but what we should be getting pissed off about is the fact that people get killed and raped.

Lance Cpl. Ted J. Boudreaux Jr. spells it all out for us in a way that is direct and honest while being darkly humorous. War is terrible. He may not have killed the father of the boy in the photograph, but if he was in combat he certainly killed somebody’s father. Wartime rape without accountability certainly isn’t new either. The point is that a “gag photo” is the least of the horrors.

I admit that my first feelings upon viewing the photograph were feelings of disgust. I was highly offended. But I felt strongly affected by having viewed it. It is a photo that made me think and reflect. Maybe Lance Cpl. Ted J. Boudreaux Jr. was trying for that effect, maybe he’s just some chucklehead with a sick sense of humor. But either way, I’m going to judge the photograph based on the effect not based on the intent. I think this phototgraph is strong enough to stand the test of time as an artistic comment on war.

Stupid jobnik.

Heh…I came here with the express purpose of starting a thread just about this.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I hate this war, and everything Bushco. stands for…but’s this photo is very possibly (likely) a fake.

Innocent until proven guilty, and all that.

I have a hard time buying the kids in that photo would be all that happy to be posing with the man who allegedly killed their father and raped their sister, thereby impregnating her, especially with how alot of Islamists feel about premarital sex (or any sex outside marriage, for that matter).

Mind you…there is an investigation going on regarding this (possibly Photoshopped) photo so obviously someone is interested in making sure this isn’t true.

I agrre with Bienville. Though the guy is obviously a firt-class moron, if this was the worst thing which happened in Irak, we would be living in a dream world.

The morons are the people who swallowed this obvious fake as authentic. All you have to do is zoom in on the sign and you can see the pixel cloning. Embarrassed to be an American indeed.

I thought it was kinda funny.

Taking advantage of someone’s ignorance (in this case of a foreign language) and goodwill is really lame. Especially of a child. It really won’t rate as “funny” in my book.
Now, maybe the picture is a fake, as Libertarian stated. Doesn’t change my point, though.

O.K. so it’s fake. Libertarian, I apologize for not zooming.

Somehow it loses impact for me now.

I suggest that it should also lose impact for all the people who were offended.

Thanks for investigating, Cerri!

When you superimpose the original with the fake it becomes very clear because there are many parts of the original which were not removed.

Even if it were not fake I would not give it a lot of importance in the context of things. I have no doubt that countless attrocities have been comitted by people on both sides because it is inevitable in war. Specific acts are only an indictment against the person who did them and not against his country or people.

The US government is not responsible for specific acts which it does not encourage or condone but it is responsible for initiating a war where such acts are an inevitable consequence.

I agree with the part about “taking advantage of someone’s ignorance” but Bush is still the president.

As far as the picture is concerned; big fucking deal. Buncha people get all upset about a fucking picture of a sign and some more people see an opportunity to further their “agenda” and everybodys ignoring the pictures of the American and Iraqi dead.

Actually, for some reason, it didn’t even cross my mind that the soldier could have actually commited the crimes hinted at on the cardboard. I just assumed he was making a lame and distasteful joke, and making fun of an ignorant kid.
That’s why I stated it was no big deal.

I think there’s an issue in the grandstanding and self-hero-worship of writing the sign and handing it to the kid with the ORIGINAL words. What is the nature of this salvation and rescue? Why do I not doubt it involved killing some other kid’s father?

As soon as I saw the picture I thought of Fark or Something Awful.

Fake or not, I found this statement surprising. Is Sgt. Baadini saying that its Arab custom to shoot family members who commit stupid acts of dishonor?

If I lived in that kind of culture I would have zero cousins by now.

OK , my cut and paste skills suck. Sgt Jamal did not post. That quote was from the news article cited by the OP.

Libertarian, to use the words you suggested I use, I respectfully remind you that this is your God you are addressing.

Personally, even looking at the zoomed image, I can’t see signs of fakery. I’m not a graphics designer, however, and I’m not used to looking for such signs. I don’t appreciate being called a moron for not recognizing signs of graphic manipulation.

I will, however, trust the accounts of folks who do know what to look for, since I lack the expertise to look for such things myself.


Maybe your browser doesn’t support the animation but Sailor’s link of the superimosed signs seems to disply the flaws quite well.

You’re Libertarian’s God? Can you do me a favor and, like, not smite him? I like him.

Assuming he actually said that, it would only be an exaggeration. Murder of relatives, particularly women who were raped, comitted adultery or somesuch, is certainly not unknown in at least Saudi Arabia. I couldn’t say about Iraq. Of course, men don’t get nearly the same sentance…