Is this real? UFO thread revisited.

This looks very real to me. Can anyone explain it? This is a sincere request. The video is the one called Gimbal.

I clicked the link. Something about UFOs.

Both pilots identify it as a drone. They say further that there are a large number of them in the area. So it’s real. A real drone.

A UFO is a flying object that has not been identified. It doesn’t mean an alien spacecraft.

Does the video look like a drone anybody had in 2004, much less now? What about the rest of the account?

What about the flight characteristics?

We may find alien life some day, but we sure as fuck won’t find it on YouTube.

What about them?

I’m not even sure we’ll ever find intelligent life on Youtube.

Did you watch the videos?

How about you describe to everyone what you think you saw and then we can have a chat about that.

  1. What does this link supposedly show?
  2. What is your stand on this…debate?

Can you tell us what they supposed show, first?


Stan, I like to think we have standards. Perhaps a questionable assumption, but there I stand.

Opening another thread with only a link, essentially, after I’d told you such wasn’t allowed does not endear you to me. Don’t do it again or sanctions will occur.