Is this sexual harassment?

That depends. Do hands count?

So, if she asks the OP to break eye contact, it’s acceptable for him to look at her boobs? :confused:
Hey, CWG, what were you wearing?

Stare at her eyes instead :smack: Why didn’t I think of that?!?!

I took the question to ask if the starer is being harrassed by being forced to look, for a sexual reason, somewhere they didn’t want to look.

That depends. Were they covering the nips?

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Bazinga !

I was starting to think, Hey this guy ain’t checkn’ out my sisters time to take it up a notch and lets wear this today while leaning over a lot. She’ll never catch me peaking.

Imma take a stab here and guess that you’re female… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, absolutely it’s sexual harassment - there’s no way you should be having to consciously avoid looking at her breasts, so she can damn well cover them up and make your workplace less hostile. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m probably a troglodyte, but my attitude is that if a woman dresses in a way that deliberately emphasizes her breasts, then she wants you to look. If she dresses otherwise, then probably not. I recall a friend of mine, in about 1955, whose (quite well-endowed) wife complained to her husband that people had been staring at her see-through blouse all day. He replied, quite reasonably it seemed to me, that if she was wearing a see-through blouse, she was inviting them to stare.

I know a woman mathematician who is spectacularly beautiful. She wears baggy and unflattering clothes and, although I am not certain of this, it is because she wants to be taken seriously as a mathematician. And it works too. I guess it’s a shame it is that way, but it is unavoidable. I never give a thought to what I wear, but women do.