Is this trolling?

This thread- the OP starts a thread with a very inflammitory title, then admits he wasn’t being serious. Now, maybe I am confused about what it means to “troll”, and so I ask this here. :confused:

I think the title had a point, it was just couched in a tongue-in-cheek way. It wasn’t done to get a reaction. The OP wanted to know why Jews have historically been scapegoated for the crucifixion but not the descendants of the Romans, i.e Italians, which the OP facetiously referred to as “pizza shop owners.”

I also think the OP probably unintentionally phrased the title in such a way that it could be read as a suggestion or an endorsement for an action rather than a question about why it hasn’t been done in the past.

The title caught my eye too at first, but after reading even the mouse over I figured out what the OP was getting at and didn’t find the substance of the post to be intentionally inflammatory.

If you have a question about whether or not someone is trolling, you should report the message. Do NOT make public accusations or even questions about whether someone is trolling.

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