Is this updo outdated?

Looking for something pretty but easy to do with my hair for a wedding. It has to be something I can do myself, as I have no girly friends going with me. My hair is about bra-strap at its longest layer and an inch past the chin at its shortest layer.

Is this look out-of-date, or can I get away with it? (The how-to is from 2006, which is why I ask.)

If I go with that, should the scarf (made out of scraps from the hemming of the dress) end at the same point as the ponytail, be longer than the pony or shorter than the pony?

I think it’s still in style. I still see girls styling their hair like that around here.

I’d say shorter then the pony and maybe tucked in?

Definitely not out of style.

I’d avoid going with the scarf being exactly the same length as the pony, and shorter may end up looking too “camp bandana”, if you know what I mean. If you’re going for elegant-but-not-stuffy, my suggestion would be a skinny scarf (as illustrated) that’s just long enough for the ends to fall near the bottom of your shoulder blades.

Yes! Perfect!

Now for the bonus points and the win: I have two options of fabric to make the scarf. The dress is made with a seafoam green satin layer covered with a transluscent seafoam organza layer. Both layers were trimmed to shorten the dress from formal to cocktail. Which fabric should I use for my hair, the satin or the organza?

The organza also makes up an arm drapey thing that came with the dress.

Try both, and see how it looks.

Actually, I’d probably vote for the transluscent organza layer being a better scarf choice–especially if you are planning to wear the arm drapey thing.

But it’s not like I have any fashion sense.

Not “outdated” as much as I think it looks like “clinging to a long gone youth” for most women who are over 25.

I think I’d go for the organza for the scarf if you’re leaving the ends long. The satin would be fine on the hair, but I think the longer ends would be better in something lighter. It seems like the organza would be a more elegant look that way.

What earrings will you be wearing?

That’s a good point. I’m 33, but get carded for alcohol almost every time I go out. This, while not a great picture, is in fact a very, very recent picture (I’m the one on the left). So you tell me - do I look young enough to pull it off? If not, do you have any other suggestions? I was thinking of putting in some loose curls to soften the look a bit, would that be better or worse?

Oh gods, I have no idea. Jewelry is so not my thing, and there are a few complications in this department, as well. First of all, the front of the dress, along the v-neck, is covered in little tiny pearls and clear seed beads. The “pearls” (plastic, I’m sure) have been dyed the same seafoam as the dress. So the front of the dress already suggests neckline decoration, so I don’t want to battle with that, y’know? And then there’s my tattoo - it’s just barely visible in the linked photo. It’s a dark bluish purple crescent moon and star smack in the middle of my décolletage. Most necklaces cover it up or cut it halfway. Coverage is cool, but the half-covered thing looks stupid.

As far as earrings go, I’m similarly at a loss. I have one still healing silver ball in the cartilage of my left ear that can’t be taken out yet. It’s teeny-tiny, and mostly lost in the fold of my helix. I have two holes in each lobe that are long healed - I can leave things in or take them out at will. Generally I have two tiny silver hoops - not gauged, just wire hoops from Target that live in my lobes. I never take them out, not because I can’t, but just because I can’t be bothered to change my earrings all the time.

I totally lack the Fashion Gene. Any suggestions?

You would look best with a hairdo that leaves most of your hair down. You have pretty hair, for one thing. It is one of your best features. Why hide it?

Both, with the satin slightly longer than your hair and the organza slightly longer than the satin.

As long as the satin doesn’t slide around too much.
You don’t want to have to spend all night readjusting your hair.

You have really beautiful hair and the modern trend is actually to leave it down. Just make sure you have a nice haircut before the big event and blow it out and put some shine serum in it.

Or see Q. N. Jones post.

I was going to suggest earrings that hang a little bit, but with the pearls on the neckline I’m seeing smaller. Small pearly posts or something like that. Very simple that won’t compete. Elegant and pretty.

Of course, my kids scold me regularly for my clothes, so take anything I say with the appropriate caution.

I think you should leave it down, WhyNot - your hair is so pretty!

I can see why.

Still, I’m going to agree with anu-la, Q. N. Jones, and HazelNutCoffee, and vote for leaving it down.

I also like it down, but sometimes we like to do something different for special occasions, right? If you do put it up, go with the organza. And no, it’s not outdated, it’s a cute style! I like updos that aren’t too stuffy. This one looks really easy and low-stress.

By the way, who’s the cutie on the right?? :slight_smile:

You could leave your hair down, and still use pretty things in it to dress it up a bit. Maybe make a headband out of some of the material, to pull the hair back a bit, but not fully? Or do that 80-90s do, with a little “ponytail” made from some side strands pulled back, with a pretty barrett to ornament it? (Both those styles would leave you able to wear pretty earrings and not have them tangle in your hair, which is why I mention them.) I do think you should leave your hair mostly down. More down than up.

Eh, just some chick I met last weekend. :wink:

Yeah, I mostly just wanna do *something *with it. I was considering the down-with-a-headband, maybe I could go that route. That’d be easy; I could just wrap my favorite headband with the seafoam fabric and pin the ends in, I wouldn’t even need to hem it…

Clinging to youth? Whatever! It’s lovely and 33 isn’t too old to put hair up with fabric. Puhhhleeeze.

PS: Your eyes are REALLY blue! I love getting a peek at what people look like :wink:

Why not do a quick sewing job where you put the organza over the satin and make a headband? It’d look more finished. :slight_smile: ETA: Plus, that way you have a pre-made skinny scarf/headband.