Is Tori Spelling a "very attractive" woman or not?

Yes I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder… anyway an acquaintence and I were discussing this the other day. He thought she was quite attractive and could hold her own with classic Hollywood beauties per the “total Tori package”. I put her in the “plain, but could be sorta cute in the right light and outfit” category.

Here’s a pic from the cover of “Stuff” magazine and another one from the web.

She has a thin frame with obvious implants and IMO her relatively thin frame is just not that conducive to (esthetically) pumping up the volume, although her body is well toned. Her face is sort of well… I don’t know, but I don’t think it falls into the “classic beauty” territory… or does it?

IMHO she looks kind of horsey in the face in certain pics. I never found her attractive when she was on 90210. All the other gals were more attractive. But thats my opinion.

Hideous. Just hideous. I can’t look at her without cringing and shouting “Jay Leno wants his jaw back!” What was her Dad thinking when he put her on the shoWAIT, oh christ!@#$! don’t answer that!

::shudder:: ew, ew, ew!

Of course, I think most of the classic hot white chicks are terrible looking. Gwyneth Paltrow? If you like young boys. Sarah Michelle Gellar? Kate Moss? Julia Roberts? Big nose, Heroin addict, and too many teeth. Give me Cameron Diaz and you can have the rest of the carrot sticks, thanks much.

She should marry some social climber and live happily ever after.

Michelle Pfieffer. She’s a cutie.

Tori Spelling is not cute. She only looks marginally ok in the pics you’ve linked to, and that’s with all the money in the world to spend on clothing, makeup, exercise and plastic surgery. If her father wasn’t Aaron Spelling, she wouldn’t have a career. She’s ordinary at best.

I’d say that she’s possibly more attractive than the average person on the street, but by Hollywood/model standards she’s not particularly good looking. IMO her features are slightly too big for her face. Did the magazine in the first link digitally edit her body? It doesn’t quite look in proportion to her head, whereas in the second photo everything looks normal.

I don’t find her attractive.


Not good looking at all. I’m actually surprised that I’m with the majority on this… I always figured everyone else saw something in her that I wasn’t seeing.

With more than just a touch of smug self-rightiousness I’d like to say I’d never heard of Tori Spelling until opening this thread.

So I’m sorry, Tori, you are Not Hot… ha, colliding obnoxious American values! :smiley:

I had never heard of someone thinking Tori Spelling was attrative until opening this thread. I thought everyone thought she was hideous.

The only reason she is where she is is because she is because of her dad. She looks like a horse!

Not really. From certain angles she is above average but aside from that, no.

Tori Spelling is the living proof that talented visagists can make even a horse look …remotely okay.

For potentially no reason other than the fact that I have had a few glasses of wine now, that first pic scares me. A lot.
I’ve never seen a huger navel in my life and I’m frightened.
[sub]FWIW I’m female.[/sub]

Okay, by Hollywood standards, she’s a beast. However, by Small Town America standards, she’s pretty hot. If I hooked up with her in a bar, I’d do her.

OTOH, what does she SOUND like? There’s nothing more off-putting than that bimbo airhead voice typified by Victoria Jackson or Melanie Griffith.

She isn’t quite as horsey-looking as Sarah Jessica Parker, but I would still say Neigh.

I’m not convinced the magazine cover is her, if only because she doesn’t look completely hideous on it. I’ve always taken her for evidence that all the plastic surgery in the world can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Now that you mention Sarah… what a Hound! Big sniffer and all! How did SHE get to be a sex symbol?

Tori Spelling is MUCH sexier than her, which isn’t saying a whole lot.