So I saw Ms. Rajskub in "Firewall"...

So I rented Firewall this weekend. After about an hour, I said to myself, “Dang, Mary Lynn Rajskub is darned good-looking!” I couldn’t figure out exactly why, though.

I know I’m not the only doper who feels that way. So, how is it that a fairly plain looking woman can be so attractive?

I’ve always thought she looked kind of frumpy, but attractive. That’s probably because Chloe on 24 is always making faces.

I don’t watch 24 but I loved her on Mr. Show and thought she was cool in Punch Drunk Love, but I’ve seen her perform live more than anything else.

Yes, she falls into that “strangly attractive” category.

Often someone who, by physical features alone, would never make it onto a magazine cover can have the effect of being very sexy on the basis of a personal energy, talent, or just by being intriguing or “cool”.

This goes for people in my personal life as well as celebrities.

That face/That face!/That contemptuous face!..

As far as 24 goes, I think there really is something attractive about her endless disdain for everybody. You feel different about Chloe once you realize she’s just like that all the time. And about the faces she makes- another Doper once suggested that there’s something a little bit sexual about them.

Maya Rudolph falls into the same category, imo.

Mr. Show made me hot for her. 24? What’s that?