Is Yahoo broke?

I can get to the main page, but clicking on ANY link on the page gets a lot of waiting.

Did I break it?

I tried and it seems fine. Prolly your connection.

That’s weird because every other page I’m going to has no issues at all.

I can’t believe you broke Yahoo.
You should know better than to operate an internet browser while sick.


Ok. I can sign into messenger. From there, the link to mail or whatever else works fine. I can go back to the main page ok. But there, on the main page, nothing works right. I can’t even get the “sign out” link to do anything but show me that it’s working.

Screw it. They’re probably letting the Homeland Security people in to spy on me, right?

No, that wasn’t meant seriously, it’s only a joke to anyone that might be surreptitiously reading this.

It was slow for me at lunch today too.

Since it was lunch time, maybe it had lot’sa traffic, like the SDMB usually gets around my 5:00pm.

yeah … you broke it …

pls contact me urgently to negotiate damages

I thought you meant broke as in out of money, cuz I just came from reading about how they are going to start charging a first class rate for certain e-mail.