Is your workplace weirdly quiet at times?

I’m currently working at a cube farm that houses 20-30 cow-orkers, mostly doing fairly technical stuff involving computers. Yesterday at around 2:00 pm., I was kinda sleepy post-lunch, but I suddenly noticed that it wasn’t just lunch that was conducive to sleep. It was quiet. Weirdly quiet. You could have heard a pin drop.

Normally people are talking about some project, or a printer or copier is spewing out pages somewhere, or someone’s on the phone, or shuffling papers, or walking around. But at times the place gets totally silent. Which is weird.

(And yeah, it occurred to me that everyone else was also dealing with a post-lunch stupor, and I had a pretty funny version of the 20-30 of us sitting at our computers with our mouths hanging open, nodding while our eyes drooped. The Return of Nap Time.)

Anybody else work in an office where silence occasionally reigns?

I wish my workplace could be eeriely quiet all the time.

My office is pretty small, only seven people, so we have those silent periods fairly frequently. I’ve noticed, though, that after lunch is particularly quiet. Good time to nap.

In the Summer months, when new shooting of negatives has stopped, and only the occassional re-printing from old negatives is done, it will be very quiet for months at a time.

When Autumn arrives, & the leaves fall off the trees, our Aerial Photo operation kicks into high gear again, & we have more than we can handle…until late Spring, when the backlog is cleared, & things slow to drowziness…again…zzzzzzzzzzz…

There have been a couple of times at work when someone said, “Wow, it’s really quiet in here,” and everyone suddenly became aware of it. Every time it turned out that the air conditioner had stopped working. You don’t really notice that constant hum until it stops.
And apparently we will never have those moments of eerie quietness for very long, since as soon as it happens, someone will comment on it.

I work with Quakers. It’s always weirdly quiet.

Did a quick head count. Twelve people in the office, no one on the phone or in conversation. Just the hum of the air-con and the faint tap-tapping of keyboards. With the air-con off and everyone reading or just staring at their monitors waving the mouse around it often goes completely silent.

And then the ice cream van creeps up and blasts his jingle jingle jingle at us from right outside the window.

I think that’s exactly what happens. I’ve noticed that after lunch, too. We should transplant the siesta tradition into the corporate world.

Well, seeing as I’m in an area with 4 offices and multiple computers in the main area, and I’m the only one here…yeah, it is pretty quiet. I’m thinking of putting on some music. I work in a technical college, so everybody is mostly on summer holidays right now.

Yup. Right now. Everyone disappears in the afternoon in the summer to go play golf (those that aren’t out on vacation). So there’re a couple secretaries and me here. Except for the sound of me typing, it’s really quiet.

I work in a library that has no patrons. The first floor has normal level of sound all the time, but on the upper floors it’s noise that’s eerie.

I work in a library with no (in-house) patrons. On the first floor there’s a fairly normal amount of sound, but upstairs it’s noise that’s eerie.

In my currently job, it’s extremely quiet. But that’s probably because I work at home and I’m the only one here.

My last job, on the floor it was totally silent except for the air conditioner and the sound of typing and maybe occasionally some quiet talking. It was a medical transcription office, and since folks needed quiet in order to hear what they were listening to on their headphones, anything louder than very soft conversation was prohibited.

But when the air conditioner stopped, then it was weirdly quiet and I’d get kind of creeped out.

Holy carp, no. You know that wireless commercial where the red-headed, just-out-of-college guy has a group plan so his buds can send him pictures of people dressed up as chickens, or send him mp3’s of people burping, and he’s got his nose taped up as he takes a picture of himself?

I work next to a group of about 20 of those guys. They’re currently throwing a whistling football the length of the cube farm and back (it has to be a whistling one because people complained about getting beaned by something they didn’t hear coming…).

Then there’s the guy that whistles TV theme songs. Yesterday was “Sanford and Son.” All. Damn. Day.

No, There is always inane chatter, arguments, something - none of it work related. I pray for blessed silence.

Yeah, it gets eerily quite around here…it’s called Friday afternoon in a place that allows flextime.

I’m about the only person here that works 5 8’s, everyone else is working 9’s or 4 10’s.

Only first thing in the morning and around 12 noon when most are away on their lunch breaks. Otherwise the levels of both work and non-work related chatter at times can make it mighty hard for me to concentrate.