Isabel effects still?!?

Hey everyone! I’m at school posting because I still have neither internet (cable) nor cable tv nor phone lines, but thankfully I do have power. FEMA is still cleaning trees out of my street.
Amazingly, I don’t live in the back country or anything, but I live in Williamsburg, VA (you might’ve heard of Colonial Williamsburg) in a somewhat wooded neighborhood. Now, as I’m going slightly insane, I finally ran across a Cox (my cable provider) truck. When I stopped him and asked about estimates (the phone numbers via cell just say no estimate for the return of cable) he told me it could be a couple of months, because they needed another 10 miles of coaxial cable which was backordered.
Is this possible? Where did all the old coax go? Any suggestions on alternate internet connections (need to be multi-person, because all of my family gets online usually simultaneously)? I can’t wait until things return normal :(.