Isn't it kind of wierd that the word 'fart' is harder to say than (insert expletive)

I’m serious- George Carlin talked about this subject in his last comedy show. Every crude topic has been talked about liberally by raunchy entertainers but flatulence; I personally have no qualms w/ saying the s word or the f word or whatever word, but the f-a-r-t word I really don’t ever say b/c it’s kind of embarassing.

Talking about taking a s-h-you know what is perfectly within my ability w/o feeling embarassed, or talking about doing something to someone’s mother or to an animal or eating said feces or- you name it, it’s not embarassing to say around your friends when you’re talking freely. But there’s something so embarassing about flatulence, as Carlin says… Something so juvenile about the word, and the action itself (the sound for one, and the giggling accompanying it, is so preschool/kindergarten :D).

Anyway, I think it’s time we started a movement to create an expletive as vulgar as the ones we adults use (do I have to keep saying ‘f-word?’ :rolleyes: Yep, proper forum etiquette) so that we can say ‘fart’ in a vulgar way that overcomes the embarassment, just as all the other expletives have for the feces and the intercourse and what not.

I’m not entirely serious… :wink:

I have a lot of trouble feeling comfortable with the s word and the f bomb and the c word, but I have no trouble at all with fart. I think farts are hilarious.