Isn't There A Saying About Sleeping Cats?

If so, then the folks who run Stuff on My Cat probably haven’t heard it. Who knew you could pile all kinds of crap up on cats while they slept?

There’s a saying about sleeping dogs

Somewhere, somehow, someone is masturbating to this.

Yikes! Kitty porn!


That’s pretty darned funny. I like the expressions on the cats’ faces - “I’d go over there and kill you if I wasn’t in the middle of a nap.”

Great site - thanks! My cats make a fool of me so often it is lovely to see a cat looking rather “put upon.” And I had a boyfriend who said cats didn’t have facial expressions!

Lets see…computer is in office which is directly off cat suite…cat suite contains 8 cats…SCL has a nice new digital camera she is trying to learn how to use…

That cat with the laptop on it looks super happy. Laptops are warm, and cats love that. In fact, our cats have made a habit of sleeping on my mom’s open laptop- but I think she’s mostly made them cut that out.

I did!! I should be scarred from head to toe for what I got away w/ perpetrating on my sleeping cats; dressing them in doll clothes ever so gently, draping them in aluminum foil, putting impromptu pirate hats on them, putting pieces of tape on their paws to watch them dance when they woke up, etc. I was a mischievous child, my folks said. The cats may have used a different adjective…

Oh man, I never should have seen this website. My 5 cats are SO in for it!!!

One of our cats was napping on the bed when I came in with a bunch of nice warm socks from the dryer. She ended up as a very nice striped kitty, and went right back to sleep. My wife was amused even if the cat did glare at me for disturbing her.

My cat used to love to sleep on top of my 19" CRT monitor and sometimes bat the cursor moving on the screen but she was severely discombobulated when I switched to an LCD monitor. She hopped on my desk and was about to jump on top when she realized it was less than two inches wide. She looked at the front with a puzzled expression that seemed to say “i know this is the thing with the moving rodent but…” She looked at the top again then the front then the top again and coiled herself to jump but she knew something wasn’t right. She then gave me the “I’m gonna poop in your shoes” look and left the room.

She has a basket in the living room she loves sleeping in but was terrified of it when I first put her in it. She bolted away like it was electified. A few weeks later I said “screw this, I’m not letting $28 go to waste,” so I picked her up, pinched the scruff of her neck which makes her go limp - I swear it’s better than a Vulcan nerve pinch - and placed her in the basket. I held her scruff for about 30 seconds and when I let go she was fine. Since that day she loves her basket.

Heinlein wrote (or borrowed from someone else and wrote):

Women and cats will do as they please, men and dogs just have to get used to it.

Or the essence thereof (since SOMEONE is bound to nitpick…)

Holy crap! I’ve done this to my cats hundreds of times just to amuse myself. I had NO idea other people were doing it. Much less a website devoted to it!

That one with the pizza boxes kills me…

When I was very small, I used to try to get my ninja turtle action figures to ride the cat. They never stayed on, though. We loved that cat; she was old, and terribly patient.

My favorite Christmas card was of a huge tabby wearing a Santa hat.
Inside it said:
“Get this damn thing off me before I wake up, or you’ll be soooo sorry.”

I love the photo dated July 13 of a cat mostly buried in packing peanuts. I’d say that cat looks very, very happy.

My cat Shal jumps if I even PET him when he is sleeping. These cats must be very tolerent.

When my nephew was a baby, he’d be running around in his walker, and the cat would be sleeping on the kithen floor. He wouldn’t even break stride, and push the cat all over the kitchen. The cat wouldn’t even wake up.

Hey, Tuckerfan, no offense, but have you gotten a job yet? :smiley:

Eh, I’m temping.