Issues in CIA's Iraq report to Congress: what exactly did Bush say?

Okay, after failed attempts to get a Great Debates question answered, I’d like to ask one part of it that’s straight GQ territory. I’m not asking for a criticism or analysis of the Bush Administration on this issue; just a factual reporting of what they have said.

Months ago, the CIA issued a report to Congress stating, among other things, that Saddam was extremely unlikely to give WMDs to terrorists if he weren’t invaded, and extremely likely to if he were. Since some people have seized on this fact as justification not to go to war, I’d like to know how the Bush Administration addressed or countered this report’s argument. The only reference I’ve found to their position is Rumsfeld saying, quite rightly, that within such a large organization as government, people can disagree. But what I want to know is HOW they disagree on this particular point. I’d try Googling, but with a topic like this, I have no idea how to cut down the hits I’d get.

Like I said, no judgment needed or wanted, I just want the words out of Bush’s (or his subordinates’) mouth. Thanks in advance!

Tenet has backed away from that claim in recent weeks. He now spins a tale of growing al Qaeda presence in Iraq. Sorry, I can’t get google to provide a reliable link on this tonight.This story gives a bit of info, and I suspect that the milnet link 9 down on this search, would provide most of what you want.

Hrm, I keep getting a statement that “can’t be found.” Just temporarily down, I assume?