It has become most disturbingly obvious that I need a date...

I am finding my gel wrist rest alarmingly arousing. So soft, so supple, so pliable, yet so firm…

[sub](God, someone help me!)[/sub]


See? I’m even making typos in my thread titles. :frowning:

(Could a moderator please change “disburtingly” to “disturbingly” for me, please?)


Perhaps you should be looking for a guy named “Burt.” Ya know, since you’re “dis-Burted” and all.

Have you had trouble with a Burt lately? :slight_smile:

You’re not my type, but our pain is akin (and probably located in the same general area).

Esprix, you are my type, but I’m fairly certain I’m not yours, not to mention we’re on different coasts. :wink:

As people keep telling me, stop looking, and they will come. They lie like a rug :rolleyes:

Assignment: Write a short erotic scene involving a blond Californian, a Canadian brunette, and a gel wrist rest.

(I haven’t had a date in a long while either.)

You know, if you fold that gel rest in half, it kind of looks like a guy’s butt!

Not that I would do that, or that would turn me on or anything. No really, that’s just a bit of mayonaise from lunch on it, that’s all. Really.

What are you implying?

…And don’t even think about starting an “Ask the gel rest fetishist” thread.

I’d go out with you, if you’d put out.

Exprix, you survived the Dark Dopeless Days in fine form over at Opal’s house (even though it was touch and go for a while!). I suspect you’ll survive this as well. Your one and only is out there, man, you just have to keep looking!

Hang in there, 'Sprix. Next week at SD Dope I’ll tell ya about the gym here in Torrance with all the Asian bois…heh heh :stuck_out_tongue:

Esprix needs a date?

Hmmm, how about July 19th…

There, you are now officially the owner of July 19th. Take care of it.:smiley:

Point the First: I already have found him, and he got away quite some time ago. I fully admit to still pining a bit for him, but that isn’t the reason I haven’t had a date.

Point the Second: I’m not really looking for “the one,” nor am I really looking to get involved - in general I am quite happy with being single. I am, however, usually a tad more… how shall I say? Active, at least romance-wise. This dry spell is starting to take its toll. (And it’s not just about sex, either, although I could certainly do with some of that.)

Just feeling the pinch. Similarly, if/when I do get in a long-term relationship, I’ll probably reach a point where I’ll bitch about not being single anymore. :smiley:


Everyone goes through awful dry spells; I had one in the early 90s that lasted two years. Two horrible, why-hast-thou-forsaken-me years. And recently I had one that lasted several months. But I kept my cheerful disposition (and made sure to ask out every woman I found remotely interesting), and now I am dating a gorgeous older woman who thinks I hung the moon and owns a liquor store. I’m not making this up; even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

They say good things come to him who waits, as long as he hustles while he waits. Chin up, Esprix.

Ya know, I think I like ‘disburtingly’ better.

Does this mean that we’re finally going to start that “Doper Erotic Story Archive” that everyone’s been talking about? :smiley:

what a pervert :smiley:

Wait a sec! I thought you queers could get laid anytime you wanted. That always seemed the primary appeal: you didn’t have to go through the mating rituals we straights did. I’ve always imagined that a gay short-term relationship started like this:

“You’re cute. Let’s fuck.”


That’s what I saw on TV, at least.

Two nights ago, I dreamt I was getting it on with Esprix in a hotel room, during a business trip to a wardrobe factory.

Don’t panic, I was a man in the dream!

Whether the dry spell is self-imposed (due to a recent break-up) or circumstancial (you’re just not meeting anyone even remotely “dateable”), you may find a relief in a fleeting solution I employ whenever I find myself in need of “pleasurable detonation” (A.k.a. the excitement that friends can’t provide through social interaction down at Starbucks).

My solution is 2-way video conferencing. All right, call me a perv, but don’t knock it 'til you try it. It’s fun, safe, erotic and a whole hell of alot more personal than other forms of “stimulative media” (which I consider boring, impersonal, cliched, unimaginitive, one sided and unable to hold my attention for more than a few moments). Provided you’re creative and unshy and learn how to weed through the net trolls and others just looking for a quick release, you and a good video “partner” will find yourselves in sessions that can last hours. Another asset, geography is not a factor; I’ve had net meetings that have stretched as far away as Switzerland.

It’s not for everyone, but I for one am glad it’s available during those lonely times when when that building need arises…kinda like my own version of technical ecstacy.