It has been a pretty good weekend so far!

My SO and I had a good two days.

Friday night we started off was some much needed wild monkey sex…

Then today we took a bike (motorcycle) ride. We didn’t go all that far, and we didn’t go anywhere we haven’t already been. But the kids were at ballgames with their uncle, and the little one spent the day with Granny.

We rode around, we ate, we laughed and had a good time. On the way home we stopped at a little antique store. This place had awesome stuff, old electronics, tools and a huge book room. I found a 1965 copy of Stranger in a Strange Land, in wonderful condition. He found a pair of insulated, lined camo coveralls that we ended up getting for free because one zipper was broken.

Yeah nothing life altering, but it was a good two days. How was your Friday and Saturday.

Blargh. I took my PCAT today (a test for students applying to certain pharmacy schools). It took nearly 5 hours; my hand is sore and my eyes are burning. Other than that, though, it wasn’t bad. :smiley:

I worked Friday and it was moderately awful but Saturday has been pretty good. I went to a local orchard’s pumpkin festival with my sister, brother, brother-in-law, and three year old nephew. The little guy was awed by all the pumpkins-I think he inspected each one. I bought about 30 pounds or so of apples (time to make apple butter), two gallons of apple cider, one caramel apple, some apple doughnuts, and an apple slushie. There was live music, nice food (fried apple pies!), pony rides, hay rides, train rides, and plenty of fun had by all. I had a good time.

Sunday I will be cooking apples.

The Good News: My SIL’s dad is on a two-week leave from Iraq; he arrived yesterday am. It was generally agreed that as he was overtired from the 23-hour flight, only “immediate family” would meet & greet – that is, his wife, his son, & his grandson (Angelboy, also my grandson).

A bit of background on two members of my SIL’s family: first, his mom (“drama-mama”) is anxiety-driven, and has never met an anti-psychotic drug she didn’t like. She’s princess-queen of her world & won’t stand for intruders into same. (When Angelboy was born, she told all & sundry that she didn’t want a baby in her house. Makes sense…how can you be the center of your world when there’s a little being who needs more care than you do in the same domicile.) Second, there’s SIL’s aunt, drama-mama’s big sis, the self-styled grand pooba-empress of the universe. She moved in with her sister two months ago. In that time she’s done her best to alienate her nephew (my SIL) & has let everyone know that my daughter, her nephew’s son, is not to be seen by the empress’ eyes; nor is her name to be spoken around the empress. This sounds crazy, but everyone seems to be going along with the nonsense.

So SSgt “Hero” is on leave for two weeks from Iraq. He wants to come home to see his family. Who has he seen so far? His sister-in-law, who allowed him to see his wife. His son (my SIL) was there, and hugged him afterward. Then he saw Angelboy. After a photo-op with the grandson, the empress & his wife hustled him into auntie’s car & they hurried away. My SIL (the hero’s son) followed with the baby in another car.

When they arrived at his house, SIL was told that daddy was tired & to go away. He did.

Today, he waited for a call from his mom to find out when he could see his dad. Everything was put on hold. Every time the phone rang, we all jumped. Finally, around 4:30 pm, a call came…his aunt’s rented Blazer had blown some part. Could SIL come help out? (Note: my SIL & daughter don’t have a car, so they use my husband’s & my vehicles) SIL borrowed my husband’s truck & saved the day.

I worked tonight (at Wallyworld, y’all know); for the 1st hour, I had door duty. (“Hi, welcome to Wally World.” “Excuse me, may I see your receipt?”) Through a checkout lane came drama-mama, SSgt Hero, Aunt empress, and (trailing) my SIL. Drama-mama saw me at the door, grabbed the balloon-flower arrangement from her basket & planted one on SSgt Hero that lasted until they were out the door. (I later checked the prices…nothing says “Happy Sweetest Day! I love you” quite like half-price roses). My daughter, in the meantime, has been informed that she’s not welcome at the home of her inlaws.

I’d like to see him myself, but I don’t suppose that’s feasible either. Sorry for the long post.

Love, Phil