It is a veeery nice park---FOR ME TO POOP ON! With news link.

Well, perhaps not for me to poop on, but something is sure pooping on it!

If anybody knows a bird watcher that they really hate:smiley:

I’ve been to that park many times and have never noticed it. Never noticed the smell, never got pooped on, nothing. Am I just lucky? Maybe next time I carry an umbrella just in case. :slight_smile:

Saw this on the news. To add to the “ambiance” of the place…these birds are fish eaters. Quite aromatic, if you know what I mean.

vj, it’s probably worse during nesting season, plus I think this area as a nesting site has grown over time as the birds are pretty safe from predators.

They removed the previous nesting/roosting spot in the middle of the lake because it was messing up the lake per the newstory. I haven’t been by lately. And probably won’t now that I know about the “danger”. ::eek::