It Is My Sincere Honor To Introduce Bluepony's New Baby To You!

Congratulations to the new parents. Happy Birthday, BabyPony!

A congratulatory afternoon << bump >>.

Babypony #2, baby boy, (Joshua Timothy), arrived on station 7.01pm, 8 Aug 2000. This monster weighed in at 9 lbs, 5 oz and beat the epidural that my wife pleaded for, so she had a natural childbirth since this hoss just sped down the ol’ birth canal faster than the epidural could take effect! Babypony #2 basically charged into world as opposed to Kidpony #1, who just kinda took his sweet ass time and put momma into a 23-hour labor. This time it was a quick 4-hour deal and I didn’t even miss ESPN Sportscenter! I like this new kid’s sense of timing for Daddy.


Wow! Sounds a little like my darling daughter’s (CRB’s) birth. She was 9 lb 4 oz, and wasn’t engaged at all before she charged down the chute. It was so fast (how fast was it), that she didn’t have time to mold into shape to go through. So her head was nice and round, not pointy like other natural births. But also, she broke her right collarbone! (It was healed within a week, and evidence of the break will be gone in a year.)

Thanks y’all from the bottom of our hearts, from me, Mrs Bluepony and the herd. Just getting off my one day vacation that the PD just gave me. Yay. The Air Force gave the missus 90 days nonchargeable leave, and I get one day off, chargeable. Yup, us guys get all the perks.

Spent a good part of this shift trying to put together a battery-operated teddy bear mobile, in between patrol legs. Something was wrong with my traffic radar, so I just turned it off all day and concentrated on the bear mobile. My shift supervisor says I can have a few more days off next week, it’s just that we’re a little short again on the roads. I guess you have to take it anyway you can get it.

Changing shifts next week over to first watch. Great, now I can stay awake all day, and stay awake all night. Life is good! :smiley:

Thanks again Dopers for all your best wishes.

                               --The Herdmaster

Bluepony, I am so happy for you! Thank you so much for allowing me to be the one to bring your happy news to the board.

If it makes you feel any better, rumor has it that babies tend to start sleeping through the night when they hit approximately 10-11 pounds. That was indeed the case for all of mine. So maybe you’ll be sleeping throught the night sooner than you think! :slight_smile: