It's a boy!

Just wanted you all to know that our baby boy was born on Thursday morning. We had to induce about 10 days early, since my doctor was hearing a heart arrhythmia during my regular checkup. The baby is perfectly healthy, though, and there is no sign of the arrhythmia now…it was probably due to some kind of in-utero stress.

So far, everything is going great…I feel good, and the baby, as I said, is in perfect health. We are just thrilled! :slight_smile:


Have you thought of a name?


Ah, yes…I should mention that. His name is Joshua. Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! That’s great news. Joshua is a beautiful, strong name.

HEY! You know the rules - where are our pictures, lady? :mad:

Congratulations and all that. I LOVE the name Joshua. It’s such a strong, comfortable name.


Congratulations! May he live long with luck, love, laughter, and happiness. :slight_smile:

Hey. It’s been nearly an hour and still no pictures. Whaddaya think you get to lay around all night with the cuteness and not share? :smiley: I need my baby fix, darnit!

Congratulations, Sarahfeena and welcome to the world (and eventually The Dope), Joshua!

You can’t start 'em too young now, that’s what I say.

I’m very happy for you!

Yay, baby! Yet another piece of wee squishy silly goodness in a tiny package!

Truly, we wish you the heartiest of good wishes!

Now we need to find the wee Joshua a wee Joshuette, and start breeding the next generation of Dopers. Seems like there’s been a spate of Doper pregnancies, we should be able to hook the kid up with someone.

Cecil ought to institute a prize for the first third-generation Doper to register! :stuck_out_tongue:

A great name for a great child. Congrats all around :slight_smile: I’m sure he will grow into a wonderful man.


And thank you for giving him a name most people will be able to spell :smiley:

(Mine isn’t a weird spelling, but it’s an unusual name similar to several more-usual ones)

I WAS RIGHT! I’m very happy for you! Congratulations, Sarahfeena!

(Pssst…pics…we need pics)

Congratulations! Joshua is a good, strong name!

How’s your daughter reacting to her new brother?


Oh, congratulations! That’s wonderful. And Joshua is such as nice, pronounceable name. Blessings on you and your lovely son.

Pics. Pics now.

Hey everyone! Thanks for the well-wishes. There will be pictures forthcoming, I promise!

He was up last night every 2 hours for a feeding, so I am a little dazed right now! At least he’s a good eater…his sister really had to be coaxed into it.

She seems OK with him so far…she says “that baby is my little brother Josh.” It’s very cute. But last night she kept telling me to “put the baby DOWN!” I suppose she will need some time to adjust! :slight_smile:

Off to get some breakfast…I promise to post some pics later. Need to figure out how to do it (I am technologically challenged!)