Doper Baby Announcement, the Sequel: New Baby, New Thread

Following stargazer’s lovely news, I’d like to chime in (without hijacking) and drop a note of my own: Benjamin Alexander was born at 2:19 on Sunday the 12th. We also had a short delivery but a long labor – 17-ish hours of contractions, and then ½-hour of pushing before our 9lb, 12oz baby showed up. Jurphette is doing well but confined to one floor of the house for a while, so I’m home from work for the rest of this week. We did two separate one-week checkups to make sure he was gaining… and he gained 4oz in one day!

Look for more typos and a slightly-longer response time in GQ when the topic of rocket science comes up. My wife’s going to stay at home because, like Mouse Maven, her cell bio lab lost its funding (what are the odds?). Everyone’s doing great.



Oh, wow, what a beauty! Your son is adorable! Congratulations!

What a charmer! Congrats to everyone :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Wishing you luck and joy with your new family!

Congratulations! And an excellent choice of name for the Jurphling. :wink:

Aww, he’s freaking adorable! I wanna pinch his little chubby cheeks! Congratulations!

(I have baby envy 'cause my baby started 3rd grade today…)

Just beautiful! If Marlitharn gets to pinch his cheeks, may I call “dibs” on nibbling his toes? Baby toes may be the most nibble-able things in the universe.


Wow…another beautiful baby with another great name! The Dope sure is churning them out like crazy! Congratulations!

What a lovely baby! Best wishes to you and your family. :smiley:

(And my sympathies to your wife for her job.)

Not to hijack, but I’m due in September. Am I next?

I have to stop opening baby threads. I especially have to stop looking at their beautiful pictures. Baby envy is a good way to put it.

And 9lbs, 12oz? :eek:
Congrats to you and the Mrs.

He heeee! Love them chunky cheeks! Very, very cute…welcome, Benjamin!
(Prophetic Vision: Jan. 1, 2020: SDMB:TNG launches…must have DoperParents to join)

Congratulations! He’s beautiful. But then, all boys named Benjamin are. :slight_smile:

I wish you and the Jurphette and Benjamin all the best.

Very cute baby! Congratulations!


Suffering baby envy myself.
Grats on the new arrival, he is a cutie pie!

Yay! Yay! Yay! Another baby! Congratulations! Glad to hear everybody’s doing well. He’s adorable. I love the sleeping picture with the waving fingers. It’s been a long time since mine were that small. And too soon for grandchildren. Keep them baby pictures coming.

And yeah, 9 lbs, 12? Good grief, you’re supposed to let 'em out before they’re three months old. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the well wishes. Ben’s doing great. The link is a live photo gallery so it’s going to have baby pictures from now until… well, until we stop taking baby pictures. Which will be when we start taking kid pictures. Anyway, he’s cute, and he’s huge, and he’s incredibly well-behaved. He only fusses when he’s hungry or poopie, and he falls dead asleep whenever he’s in the baby carrier (stroller or car). I’m trying to get his first word to be “cite” but it’s taking longer than I thought.