It Is My Sincere Honor To Introduce Bluepony's New Baby To You!

Hey all! Got an email from Bluepony today. MrsPony has been successfully delivered of a healthy baby boy! Here’s the story, in Bluepony’s own words:

Everybody say YEAH!

Congratulation Bluphony!!!

Congratulations to all of you!!!

Of course I meant “Bluepony” :slight_smile:


(And empathy for Mrs. Pony’s nether parts. At least it was relatively short.)

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Bluepony! Welcome to the world, Joshua Timothy! (That’s a great name, BTW.) Hope all your lives are filled with great joy!

Congratulations! Cigars for everyone!



Glad to know I’m not the only schmuck that can’t get any sleep anymore!

Woo Hoo!

Another junior Doper to keep the flame alight!

Congrats, Bluepony. Hope all are doing well.

That a way, Blue and Mrs. Pony!

And welcome aboard, New Pony!

Congrat’s Bluepony on your new addition…You going to try for any more?

::stupidly and untypically tears up::

Awww, that’s great. Ah, shit already, this is GREAT! Joshua Timothy got himself born to two tough, funny, high-minded, fine folks.

Best wishes to the whole Blue family (pony, mare, colt, yearlings, I forget the rest.)

Damned if it isn’t fine, just purely fine when excellent things reward tough, good folks. Only know the Blue family from SD, but there just isn’t a better reward than a new little life to bedevil, mystify, beguile and enchant great parents.

Heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. and Mr. Blue, and hearty welcome to Joshua Timothy.


Well, allright! Welcome to the world, J.T. BlueColt!

Y’know, they don’t just put old studs out to pasture…they geld 'em.


Congrats, DadPony and MommyMare.

Great job Mrs. Pony!!! Congratulations Bluepony!!!
How wonderful for Persephone to be able to bring us this news!

Welcome to our world Joshua Timothy!



hurray for bluepony and herd!!!

(cough, cough) Congratulations to the Bluepony family. Hope everyone is home and doing well. When are you going to start Joshua posting? :grin:

I like ponies! The more, the better!

Congratulations, Bluepony and Mrs. Bluepony! Hiya there, little Joshua!

Congrats on a healthy baby arriving speedy and safely into this mad mad mad world! Great name!

Natural childbirth? ::::shudder:::::you mean she did it without make up on?

(When it is time for the big vasectomy, Bluepony, I highly suggest you do it natural too. It is only fair.)