It is not a prostrate, darling.

No no no no no. Prostate. Prostate. Prostate.
Please repeat: The kindly gentleman was found lying prostrate on the sofa awaiting his beloved prostate exam.

Now let’s try this one: The man was distraught when he heard that his beloved heroine overdosed on heroin.

I don’t know if this is “rant-y” enough, but I think that the fact that I was once again rendered completely apoplectic by this stupidstupidstupidfucking mistake would suffice for me putting this here.

Thanks for your time.


I’m for state’s rights on most topics. Does that make me pro-state?

I’ll recline for my answer, thanks.

You’re prone to saying these sorts of things, aren’t you?

How does probate fit into this ?


Next we discuss
Minnie, apple us

Nun of this makes any cents.

i don’t even have a prostate, but i know the difference between having a prostate and laying down.

I do have a laid-back attitude on many positions.

Oh, let the vagueties begin.

Also, the plural of “test” is not “testes.” Really.

To a West Virginian, a fibula is a small lie.

I once waded into a barfight, got wounded in the fracas.

Huh? But that’s where I live! Would you like to see a map? :mad:

Or, as I heard it, “She was shot in the fracas, and the bullet is in her yet.”

Used to write my own material for my radio show and one line I came up with was this:

“Women without prostates. On the next Oprah.”

Well it was funny back then (the mid - 80’s).! :slight_smile:

Man! we REALLY “pushed the envelope” in those days (Saturday Night Live was a huge influence on all of us in radio in those days!)


Guuuuuuuuuuyyyyys. Your making to many joke’s! This was supposed too be a serious rant? I am about too loose my temper.

Oh, shit!

I’m in the PIT!!!

Gettin’ out right now Kneepants Erasmus, the Humanist!

So don’t lose your temper! :slight_smile:


You say that, fucking Yankee, but the Confederacy fought for Whirled Peas.

I’d post the recipe, but it was lost when Sherman burnt Atlanta.

Isn’t the prostrate gland another name for the appendix, because it just sits there and does nothing?

Having had mine removed — during which time I was not only prostrate, but am told I was pretty much standing on my head — I can assure you that there is a decided difference between having one and not having one.