It is possiable to have real peace world wide.

Look around, see what a mess we have made out of this planet. For the love of money we have mad-cow Sars, aids, and the never ending threat of nuclear war.
No one cares about anyone any more.

Come see the answer to this dilemma.


falls off chair
No website you link us to could end the thousands of years of deep religious hatred the world has.

The only way to have peace on earth is to have no living things.

Ditto what Cellardoor said.

Can I be the last person to post on this thread before it is closed for not being a debate but rather a shameless plug for someone’s moneymaking scheme?


when’s the last time a woman started a war?

The Malvinas?

Dunno. It depends upon how you define “start” and “war.” I’d imagine that depending upon how you define it, Maggie Thatcher might qualify, along with a few others.

Helen of Troy can’t truly be said to have started the war, but…

Cynicism aside, it has to be possible. If it isn’t, kiss your grandchildren goodbye.

Originally posted by irishbird
when’s the last time a woman started a war?

Dunno. It depends upon how you define “start” and “war.”

“History I suspect, is nothing more than a long list of foolish things men have done to impress a woman.” - John Perry Barlow

The love of money is the reason SARS, AIDS and mad cow disease came about?:eek:
It is the root of all evil.

No, its French Impressionists. Monet is the root of all evil.

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  1. I don’t see anything inherently troubling about the content of the website. Nevertheless, it does make me wonder why parents can’t simply teach these lessons to their kids on their own. My parents certainly did.

  2. While the goals of the website are laudable (teaching kids values), I think it is unrealistic to expect that it could result in world-wide peace, particularly since some of these values have been expressed in the Bible, which despite having been part of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim teaching and tradition for thousands of years, has not resulted in anything resembling world peace.

  3. Considering that the program is located in Abilene, Texas, which is where Iyyob is also located, the possibility strongly exists that the OP is nothing more than a form of advertising a commercial venture, which is frowned upon at the SDMB.

  4. In the OP, Iyyob says that we have various world problems due to “the love of money”…among the problems listed is AIDS. While I’m curious how Iyyob comes to the conclusion that greed/capitalism/love of money/whatever led to the AIDS epidemic, I’m skeptical that this thread will last long enough to see an expansion of this particular idea.

  5. Based on Iyyob’s other OP currently open in the Great Debates forum, where he or she uses a 50-year-old Reader’s Digest article as a cite, I’m guessing that this individual has the debating skills of an anesthesized koala, so I’m not really going to expect much in the future development of this thread by way of an actual discussion.

  6. But you never know.

I guess this is a sign of my level of awareness.

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anesthesized koala

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By the way, Iyyob, have you notified the Nobel Peace Prize committee of your solution? They’re looking for folks like you.

When they call, be sure to offer them a generous discount on your products. ::snicker::

Emile Durkheim called, and the answer is No.

Somebody with 1000 posts want to start the betting on Iyyob?