It is Tax...OMG! Taxes are due on MONDAY! Help!

I am horrible when it comes to tax time now.

I’m on SSD. I went to the SSA & IRS & asked them if I could pay taxes. They both told me I did not have to. Only if I work do I have to pay taxes. I told them I wanted to. I asked how I do it. They asked how much I wanted to take out & I said 10%.

My first taxes SSD was nice. I continued to do it. I skipped the last couple years, plus I worked for 3 mos in that time.

How far can I go back to file my taxes? If I had to pay because & worked a year for 3 mos, would I get charged for that or not get returns.

PM me if answer includes more than just answering my questions

The best legal advice you’re going to receive in an online forum is that you should not being seeking legal advice in an online forum. You need to go talk to a tax professional.

I am not sure why you want to file but…

If you want to receive a refund of your 2015 federal taxes, Monday April 15, 2019 is the last day to file for most people. If you received an extension in 2015 or the refund is due to a bad debt or worthless security, you may have a little longer. All years before 2015 are closed for refunds (except bad debts and worthless securities). For 2016 and later, you have at least one more year.

If you want to pay federal taxes, there is no limit on how far back you can go.

State refunds are mostly the same. Although for some states (California, for example) Monday is the deadline for 2014 refunds. Check your specific state.

You could also file for an extension. This can be done online for free. If you are getting a refund, I am not sure an extension is even necessary (but file for one anyway).

The IRS won’t send you forms for more than the last three tax years. (not legal advice, just my experience.)

I got nothin’

I think that’s probably the best advice. I’d recommend that you prepare for meeting with a tax pro by putting together all of the paperwork you can find for the past few years (paycheck stubs, W2 forms, 1099 forms, etc). The tax pro will need that stuff to figure out your taxes.