It looks like the Pope may attend one of our concerts next year

The choir’s schedule for 2008 includes a couple of performances of Beethoven’s *Missa Solemnis * in July. The Pope will be in Sydney for World Youth Day at the same time and apparently he’s keen to come along to one of the concerts. If he does, it will certainly add an extra frisson of excitement to the performance of a very difficult work.

And now there’s a suggestion that the Governor-General will put in an appearance too. It could be a big night.

I’m imagining the ending of Sister Act now…

Which one of you is Kathy Najimy?

Okay, seriously…congratulations! I’ve heard the soundtrack to Happy Feet…you’re going to wow him.

Don’t forget the Horst Wessel song. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…the *Missa Solemnis * doesn’t scale the dizzy heights in quite the same way as the Happy Feet score, but we’ll give it our best shot. :slight_smile:

Pfft. An excellent choir can be judged as much from “Happy Birthday” as it can be from Beethoven. Given that the only time I’ve heard your choir was from Happy Feet, I have to go by that. :smiley:

Your choir is on the Happy Feet soundtrack? That is one of our (three-year-old) daughter’s favorite movies. Which bits do you sing? Like, the choral bits when it’s winter and the male penguins are incubating the eggs and waiting for the sun to return? This is very cool.

Damnit! Now I’ve got to go and get me Happy Feet in English!


Yes, we recorded all of the choral bits when the penguins are singing as a group. We liked the egg incubation bit too.

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