IT Trailer

Is this for real? Youtube says it has a release date for September 2017, but I haven’t seen any commercials for it at all. Is it possibly a fan created trailer? If so, it has incredible production values.

If this is legit, I can’t believe I haven’t heard much about it. Looks like it will kick the ever loving crap out of the 80’s mini-series.

Trailer here

Hate the Renaissance era clown. Hate that they dumped the eras the novel depicted for more modern times. Hate that they dumped some of the kids first exposure to Pennywise for more modern memes.

But I’m hoping it will be a good two part film.

Yes, it’s a real trailer. I’ve seen plenty about it for the last few months, so it’s probably just a matter of where you get your news.

The original novel was set in present day (mid-80s at the time) and flashed back 30 years to the mid-50s when the characters were kids. The movie sticks with that framework, but now present day is 2017 so the flashbacks are to the mid-80s. They plan to split the flashbacks and present day into separate movies; this one is the events from the kids’ timeframe, and the adults timeframe will come out in 2019.

Not sure what you mean by “Renaissance era clown”. He looks properly terrifying in the trailer.

He is dressed in some goofy rennaissnce garb. He is supposed to look like a normal clown to attract his victims.

Part of the horror of the novel is the terrible things that go on in the dark in small towns. Everyone knows but no one speaks of them. Pennywise takes advantage of this to eat; preying on victims that were also victimized by the local environment. It works better in the timeframe of the novel.

I didn’t realize that was what they’re doing - I’m really interested to see how it works. Generally books formatted this way have the two timeframes unfold in parallel, with each giving context to the other. Obviously that can’t happen with them split out into separate films.

This was always my idea for how to make movies out of Cryptonomicon.

The problem with Cryptonomicon is that the WW2 part of the story is much, MUCH better than the modern stuff.

This is my biggest problem with this. Part of the storyline of IT is that the adults don’t really remember what happened, so we’re learning about the events at the same time they are. At the start of the next movie, we’re already going to know everything the characters don’t.

There will be a two-year gap between movies. Seems to me the only way to know everything the characters don’t is to purposely watch the first right before seeing the second otherwise a bunch will be forgotten by the audience as well.