It's a Baby Girl for Paul & Heather Mills McCartney

Should’ve named it Vera.

Congrats, Paul and Heather.

Unfortunately, McCartney was reportedly outbid for the newborn by Michael Jackson. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I’m joking.

Yay! I bet she’s very pretty.
Welcome baby Beatrice!

I wonder what kind of gift MoMo sent them…

Wait a minute. How do we know that Billy Shears isn’t the real father?

Beatrice. What an ugly effin’ name. I don’t care if it was her mother’s – my father’s name was Melvin, I wouldn’t saddle a kid with that.

Beatrice sounds much nicer in Italian: Bay-ah-tree-chay.

I like the name Beatrice. It’s sweet and old-fashioned, and besides, she’s going to share a name with one of the coolest Shakespeare characters ever.

I like the names Stella and Mary too. Paul has good taste.

I agree Fretful, I love the names he picked for his little girls. And I’m so happy for him!

One of the major British papers-i think it was ‘The Mirror’ published its ‘scoop’ saying Mccartney had given birth to a boy named Joseph. oops!
But otherwise ive been stunned by how much attention the story got in the British press. ‘The sun’ and ‘The Mirror’ both led with it-front fucking page! Is it just me or was that a little stupid? the guy might be popular and all, but give me a break!
And it wouldnt take a genius to guess 'The sun’s headline: ‘Let it bea’ hehehe.

Milly Mills?:smack:


Could be worse. Something like ‘Let It Be Bea, Baby!’

Isn’t that sweet? And he’ll only be 79 when she graduates from high school. Or perhaps by then he will be trying to Explain a Few Things to Linda . . .

All these old coots having kids are spawning a mini-generation of people who will only have known their fathers as old old geezers who died when they were young. I’ll bet there will be a support group for them all.

Heaven forbid women over 50 have kids, that always causes an uproar.

I used to think Beatrice was ugly, but then Fergie named her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie (sp?). If those kids are halfway cool, they’ll put a modern stamp on the names and they won’t seem so old fashioned anymore.

Cool? Offspring of Fergie?? :dubious: You jest, surely!

(I probably came off meaner than I meant to be. Congrats to them. I just feel sorry for the kids. And their kids. “Grandpa” is not going to be part of their vocabulary.)

That’s hardly a given. Besides the obvious reason–that everyone gets two grandfathers–Heather could remarry. (BTW, my parents had me when they were only 21, but neither of my biological grandfathers lived to see the event. It happens.)

Will you still love me,
will you still breed with me,
when I’m sixty-four?

Heard this yesterday, and please don’t kill the bearer of bad jokes…

What has 5 legs and lives on a farm?

The McCartney Family

I’m with the “Beatrice is a horrible name” camp.

Also the “way to go Paul, producing a baby you probably won’t live to see grown” camp as well. Didn’t he prove his virility enough by marrying a woman nearly half his age?