It's a Christmas Miracle! (Double episode of Human Target!)

Someone over at FOX truly loves America. I’m a bit over an hour in, and this is the greatest episode(s) of television since man walked on the friggin’ moon. Let’s check this off:

  1. It’s starts right off with Guerrero mentioning some random guy he’s got in his trunk.
  2. Smokin’ hot hispanic lady making out with Chance *while *shooting bad guys.
  3. Ames’ dress.
  4. Sneaking into a foreign consulate, compromising their security system by going into a closet, and kidnapping Billy Carter.
  6. Scotch.
  7. Explosions.

And now Buster Bluth just walked in. Please excuse me while I go run a flag up the tree outside so I can salute that motherfucker. I love this country.

Christopher Chance: hero extraordinaire