It's A Dark, Cold Rainy Day - You Are Home Alone...

What guilty pleasure(s) will you indulge in?

Curl up with your favorite book? (Which?)
Slap on your favorite movie? (Which?)
Crank up the sound to listen to your favorite music? (Which?)
Eat your favorite food? (What?)

Perhaps a combination of some/all of the above?

How would you spend this glorious, guilt-free, quiet time alone at home for a full day?

Ah, to have a cold, rainy day…what were those like??

Mmm…right now, a stew or some chili sounds awesome. Something that needs to simmer all day and make the house smell yummy. Or maybe spaghetti sauce.

I think I’d can some jelly. Then read a book/take a nap.

How much time do I have left? Laundry, and putter around with a computer game.

Go for a run in the mud.

A nap with a dog on either side of me for added warmth.
A pot of spagetti sauce simmering the day away and filling the house with tasty smells
Lazy guilty pleasure days are meant for cheap trashy romance type reading

A more energetic guilty pleasure day would skip the nap and the reading in favour of slaughtering things in whatever computer game was on the top of my current list. If this was today it would be either Civ5 or Diablo2.

Peanut butter toast and my favorite book. Either Small Gods, Good Omens, Demon Haunted World or one of the Connections books by James Burke.

I’d probably have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon and watch from the kitchen while making cookies.

Start a hearty stew, let it simmer while I read a book in the sun room. Love rainy days.

Watch documentaries on Netflix all day. Not sure what I’d eat…I’m dieting so there’s not much in the house. Probably make some low carb brownies.

Read a book in bed (whatever book I’m currently in the middle of) and watch a movie later. Maybe bake cookies.

To the masterbatorium!

Ok, what would you do differently on said day, though? :dubious:

Start some bread dough rising, make soup, bake bread, simmer soup, slice and butter bread and eat with soup. In between read whatever book I’m on.

Have a pot of soup on, make a big pot of tea, bake some biscuits and alternate between surfing the net, surfing the nerd channels on TV and reading.

Oh this sounds wonderful. I’d stay in my pj’s all day and get a nice fire going in the wood stove.

I’d do a beef stew and some squaw bread for dinner. Maybe bake up a carrot cake too.

Then I’d hang out on my couch all day surfing the net, reading the dope, watching tv, playing scrabble and maybe enjoy a cat nap in the afternoon.

I’m ready!

Every day is like this for me, except usually without the inclement weather, but if I pretend that I’m a normal human: I’d plant myself in a recliner next to the window with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of lemonade and re-read A Confederacy of Dunces. Once I finished that (I read fast), I’d put Lawrence of Arabia in the DVD player to finish out the day.

Iced coffee, Yes or Rush playing while I play my electronic kit. Then order a pizza and watch Season 1 of Justified.

At this point? I’d go out in the rain and let it drench me! Then go in and change and sit in the best spot to watch the lightning if there is any. If there isn’t, maybe curl up with my The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes or some Poe and enjoy the sound of the rain. (Maybe with some old fashioned cocoa or masala chai.) Taking periodic breaks to stick my face out the door and smell/feel the rain. (I love to watch lightning, and I often stick my head out the door during a gully washer to feel the rain.) I would probably also go back out to look for toads if it were light. We’re in a drought here! :frowning:

:open_umbrella: GHOST STORIES :open_umbrella:

Specifically ones from the 19th Century. Authors like:

M.R. James
Algernon Blackwood
Sheridan Le Fanu
Bram Stoker
Robert W. Chambers

And anthologies of lesser known writers, like the ones in this book:

American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the Pulps

Play guitars - simple acoustic strummy/picky, along with some Open G slide. Make a meal - some spicy pasta or stir fry; watch a cool genre movie; read my latest book (whatever’s cool on the list but hopefully immersive); listen to whatever the heck I want musically. Good times.

It’s A Dark, Cold Rainy Day - You Are Home Alone…

…and I don’t have to go at work? Hell, I’m happy as a clam already. I’ve got a bunch of books I haven’t started yet, several DVDs I haven’t seen, some CDs that need listening to, and a mini-eliptical machine to get my pulse rate up if I so desire. To top it all off I have enough comfort food on hand to last **more **than a couple of dark cold rainy days…bring 'em on, I say!

Who says it has to be a dark rainy day for me to sit around being unproductive?