It's a Doper Tupperware Party!!

You are all invited to an online Tupperware Party for Dopers! Bring on the virtual margaritas, chips and dip!

Come join the Marketplace thread to ask questions about particular products, get suggestions for solutions to your storage and cooking problems, or to find out how to host your own online party (hosts get great discounts and free products!) or how to become a consultant to make some extra money!
The party starts on Post 5 of the Marketplace thread.

Now for the fine print…

  1. I have asked and received permission from Rico to post this announcement in this forum.

  2. Rico asked me to post this from the SDMB rules:

“The administrators and moderators of the SDMB, are not responsible for anything associated with any real life meeting of our members. While we permit SDMB users to post announcements and other discussion of meetings and events on the Straight Dope Message Board, we don’t organize, sponsor, endorse, approve, or have any formal association with such events or any activities that may occur at them. We don’t vouch for any individual or group organizing or participating in an event. Attend at your own risk. We encourage all attendees at these events to obey the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are held.”
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Rico gave you permission to post it in Marketplace, which is where this belongs, not MPSIMS.

And I’ll move it there. Sorry, my bad.