It's a girl!

Sophia the Cynic was born at 11:30 on sunday night. She’s healthy and beautiful and perfect. So is her mom. Becoming a dad never gets old. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Diogenes! No, becoming a parent NEVER gets old! Good luck to you all!

Congrats, dude. How many lil’ Cynics does that make it?

WOOHOOO - congrats!!!

(and great name btw - it’s one that’s on our list if we end up having a girl in November).

Awww—the world needs all the little Cynics it can get!

Thank you. Sophie is our second daughter. Our other daughter is 5 years old.


Isn’t she lovely
Isn’t she wonderful

Good for the Cynics! Congratulations.

You really do live in Roseville now. Congrats, Dio. That’s some real nice news there and appreciate you sharing.

Many congratulations to the Cynic family! Sophia is a beautiful name!

Although, with three women in the house, something tells me in about 10 or 12 years, Diogenes may have to change his user name to Diogenes_the_Never_Getting_to_Use_a_Bathroom_In_His_Own_House! :wink:

Two thumbs way, way up from out here in the Fields of Arbol. Fortunately I have two sons so the more years roll by, the better the bathroom odds start looking. :smiley:

Pictures! Dammit, man, we need pictures!

I wish you joy!


Congrats! And I second that request for pictures. Hey, she was born on the fourth of july-- cool!

Darn it, I read monday not sunday. Missed it by that —><-- much.


Congratulation, Dio, enjoy your baby! And enjoy your older daughter. And enjoy your older daughter’s reaction to the baby. And. . .well, you know! :cool:

Many congrats to the whole Cynic family! And I third the request for pictures!

Congrats on being that rare and best kind of cynic, happy Cynic. :smiley:

Congrats on the new bundle of joy!

Let’s see, I have 7-year old and 8-month old boys. I live in the Twin Cities. Someday our kids might hook up!