It's a girl

Our daughter finally (a week late) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, as yet unnamed. A sister to Alexandra.

She weighed in at a whopping 9lb 15oz and mother and baby are both fine.

Woo Hoo! Congratulations



Big baby!

Congratulations all around!:confetti_ball::tada::clinking_glasses::champagne::confetti_ball::tada::champagne::clinking_glasses::confetti_ball::tada::clinking_glasses::champagne::confetti_ball::tada::clinking_glasses::champagne::confetti_ball::tada:

Congratulations. I’ve always thought it would be nicer to have a girl than a boy. They’re less likely to murder you in your sleep when they’re a teenager.

You clearly have never met my daughter.

Congrats, bob_bob and family!

Thanks for all the well-wishes.

Daughter elected to stay in hospital overnight (there was, as you might expect, some embroidery) so will be introducing baby to her big sister about now.

WOOHOO!! Yay for new baby!!! And a big, healthy one at that!! Huzzah!!

I was going to say that she weighs 4.5 kilos but translated for the Murricans on this board… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congratulations! That’s such good news, you must be over the moon!

Congratulations. I never had a daughter but I can tell you boys are noisy and smelly and you have to be better off with a girl.


She is a granddaughter, so not a direct problem :grinning:

Prepare to be wrapped around her tiniest little finger in about 1.5 seconds of meeting her.

Grandchildren, the best thing ever.

Congratulations! Will the name of the second child begin with a B?

Daughter rather than granddaughter, but the Elder Ottlet accomplished the finger-wrapping before she was born. We were following along with the ultrasound when a teenytiny hand swam into view — and waved. Deed done.

(What little resistance I had left dissolved when they gave her to me to hold while they got her mom squared away. I leaned back with her on my chest; she curled up in a ball, gave a sigh bigger than she was, and fell asleep.)

(And apologies for the semi-hijack, but threads like this do bring back memories.)

And that was a lovely one. Thank you for sharing.