It's a Jean-Paul Sartre emergency!

Seriously, I don’t why I’m posting. No one’s going to answer. It’s really stupid.
I’m writing this “manifesto” poem for one of my classes about the life of the writer compared to the work of the writer. Wild. Anyway, I’ve figured out that the perfect ending would be some weird piece of trivia that involves Jean-Paul Sartre and a car. Yes, it has to be Sartre, not Camus. I’d tried doing a google search, and could only find this joke where Sartre talks about his Dodge Dartre. Eh. Not quite what I am look for. Can anyone help me? Most likely not. Can you try and help me?

Is there a street named after him anywhere? If I could have the original name, and where it’s located, I would love you forever.

Can’t help you with the joke, but:

Rue Jean-Paul Sartre, Brest, France

I am sure there are lots of others. But you might be able to work out something funny with the particular city name. I don’t know what it was called before he got famous.

When “The Critic” visited The Simpsons he offered up this little chestnut…

“Camus can do, but Sartre is smartre”

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

There’s a Sartre Avenue in Brossard, Quebec. That help?

Does the joke involve Sartre driving his car along the highway unable to find an exit?

He is kind of a character in the film Flirting. (but he does not drive a car but offers boxing advice to the main character…you kind of have to see it)

I don’t need a joke, or anything funny. I’d prefer it to be serious.

Do Prav and Miss Bunny know the original names of the streets, perchance?