It's A Shiny New MMP!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 49 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 70 and N.O.S. for the day. A for real Autumn day in south Jawja! The big item on today’s agenda is to spiff da cave. After that, who knows! I shall use the leftover beast from yestiddy’s sup to make my version of Philly cheesesteaks for sup.

So, here it is, a shinny new MMP! Hijack away!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Glad you started this, because I had no idea how to launch… Just another grand and glorious day in paradise that is southern Merrylande! Roxy wrangling is the main agenda item. Maybe we’ll bundle up and venture forth. We shall see…

Afternoon! It’s kind of average here today, bit grey but there’s a kind of lightness in the sky that’s not quite sun but not gloom either. Much like my day…I am irking, it is irksome. My boss has a date of 8th December for some day surgery so she will be properly isolating for two weeks beforehand, and will have a 2-3 week recovery period at home where she thinks she’ll be able to work at least part-time. Surgery is on her leg so we’ll see how she fares.

'im indoors went out to get his flu shot today so we’re now fully protected from the usual winter lurgies. Not a lot else going on today, it’s his turn to make dinner tonight so all I have to think about is what to have for lunch. Pan-fried salmon and salad sounds good to me.

The screw up fairy(N.O.F.) overslept, so we were out really early. The missing guy from Saturday was there, so apparently he wasn’t eaten by a Grue, just got bored and wandered off. Gordie and I met the upstairs neighbor, so of course he violently warned her about the dangers of the Invisible Mole People.

BooFae, I need to get mine, since UPS pays for it.

Morning all. 41F outside heading for 60F and not supposed to get to 70F until late this week. On the other hand, no rain is expected until next Moanday, so it’ll be a pretty cold…

Even though I have no trees in my yard, the neighbor’s trees and the large forest area 2 houses down were nice enough to share, so I suppose I should get out and rake them up…or maybe I can hope the wind blows them onto my neighbor’s yards…

doggio, need to put a tracer on the guy, or promote him–he’s got office material in him with that attitude… Hope Gordie and the neighbor get along.

boo fae, hope boss is ok…2-3 week recovery sounds like something major. And good on `im getting the flu shot-got mine and at my age considering getting a shingles vaccine shot too.

Everyone have a good Moanday.

If it’s not too late, I may go get mine today, too. I’m not due back at irk until Thursday (!!) so if I get any crappy feelings from the shot, I have a couple of days to sleep it off.

Was awoken this morning to the dulcet tones of the trash truck rattling & screeching its way across the neighborhood. At least my bin was out waiting for it.

Now, having a hot cuppa tea and contemplating the to-do list. Missed the pharmacy yesterday (since I had to irk for the duration they were open) so that’s a morning priority.
Other duties include dumping & refilling both litter boxes, cleaning Pretzel’s enclosure (she just shed her skin) and various assorted crap.

Onward into the day!

As I woke up this morning, I thought about Mrs. L.A.'s birthday dinner a week from tomorrow. It looks like that’s out, due to the COVID shutdown. I didn’t buy her a present because an expensive dinner was the present. I’m perfectly capable of making escargots (better than the restaurant’s), bacon-wrapped filet mignon, creamed spinach (or garlic mashed potatoes), or anything else she may want. Only, I do all of the cooking so when I make dinner it isn’t special. I guess her birthday will be a card, flowers, and an I.O.U. for dinner out.

Are you sure those are the only things you can think of for her birthday? :wink: :wink: nudge, nudge.

Roxy informed me, as we looked at a book about manatees, that manatees swim in the water. The child spoke a full sentence. Truly, she is a genius at 2!!! :smiley:

Still too chilly to play outside, so wrangling continues. Rah.

Morning, all! Up a bit early today due to hydraulic pressure. Looks to be a fine day in SoCal. Nice and warm, because I got the furnace fixed. Anybody need rain, because I can always get the car detailed!

Otherwise it is off to school to see what kind of trouble the seniors got into this weekend, then meeting a friend for a couple of beers and general planning of the Thanksgiving camping trip

Happy Monday, y’all!

51F here, which is the predicted high, with a low of 34. The rain of the last few days has stopped and it’s NOS, so I need to go out and do things with the lawn and hedge. Might hit Aldi this afternoon to do a little restocking (and to give my back a break from the yardwork).

We need to call the furnace people to come find out why we don’t have hot water. We do have vaguely warm water, so we don’t have to suffer through cold showers, but hot water for laundry and dishes would be a Good Thing.

Haven’t had a flu shot since '02 and don’t plan to get one this year.

Bah, pharmacy didn’t have my Rx ready and I didn’t feel like hangin’ around. Got fresh milk last night, so a bowl of chocolate rice krispies and then, probably, a nap. Didn’t sleep quite well, and the main stuff I gotta do needs to be handled in the afternoon. (I wanna try to start the paperwork for my medical card today, and the cannabis place’s doctors have 1-4 p.m. hours for tele-visits.)

Oh, looky, the pharmacy JUST texted that it’s ready. {whine} But I already took my pants offffffff donwanna now! Wanna nap!

Hmph. This adulting thing is tough, y’all. The struggle is so real.

Afternoon all. T’was one of those days at irk where I think sitting at home and hitting my head against a brick wall would have been more efficient, and would at least have saved on fuel. I didn’t even get to go play with tiny plants, like I was intending, as the lab was too busy. At least that meant I could go home early- I’m basically at 2 full days, one half day and a 2/3 day, so if I want to sod off early on Moanday I can.

I should go get a flu shot. I tried to get one a bit ago, but due to the excess demand it was only available for people at high risk- which I am not- and I haven’t got round to going back to check if us commoners are allowed in yet.

One more nice NOS day today, and then the rains are coming. Real, actual rain, supposedly, not the misty drizzle we often get around here. I’m looking forward to it. A good hard cleansing rain is good for the soul, and it’s certainly been a while. I spilled a cup of coffee on the sidewalk in front of the zoo sometime in late August. The blotch is still there.

Irk has actually been good lately. I’m at the train most days now, and they’re scheduling enough help. It’s fun again! Last few days we’ve had what I call the “dream team” up there - three of us that get along really well, and all pull our share of the work. We are three of the five people who are certified to drive the train, so we all trade off and rotate every run. It makes the day go by really fast, and when I’m working alongside good people it helps me forget management’s incompetence.

Got my flu shot back in September (get a free one at irk every year). I can’t remember the last year I missed it. I don’t get side effects and haven’t had a proper flu in decades, so I see no reason to stop now - especially this year!

Mr VOW and I finally got our flu shots. I was cranky (okay, MORE cranky) for a day or two.

We return to SCal on the morrow. With the way COVID has blanketed the US, we are better off with family once we again get the shelter-in-place in place directive.

I’m reminded of something Bernie Sanders said: “Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump golfs.”


We had some massive rain last night, but big ball of fire in sky is drying things out nicely. It’s breezy and still in the 50s making me inclined to stay inside. The toddler is down for a nap and quiet reigns.

FCD and I got our flu shots last month. I don’t know if we got the geezer shots - I forgot to ask at the time. But considering how limited our contact is with folks in general, I’m not worried. Well, except for the part where we got to FL. That part doesn’t thrill me much.

Time to relax in the peaceful calm while it lasts.

Alright, alright. I put m’pants back on (le sigh) and got my Rx. The sun burst out in a glorious abundance and the sky is mostly bright blue, so … no nap for me.

Snacking on leftover pot roast and egg noodles for brunch. Plus, I have a container of garlic crack (e.g. the garlic sauce from Papa John’s, shaddup, don’t judge) so there’s some whomp biscuits about to go in the oven, to act as garlic crack delivery vehicles.

Got my flu shot a while back. After checking, I’m going to go in this week and get the shingles vaccine as well. The bout I had with that back in August was enough to drive me even more over the edge.
This talk of biscuits is making me think that tonight’s left-overs should be with crescent rolls instead of rice.

I think I had my flu shot in September. I had my first shingles shot at the end of October. I need to get the second shingles shot sometime after the end of December.

Biscuits! <<sob, sob>> Crescent rolls! << more crying>>

Damned things are loaded with salt, and are forevermore banned from the VOW abode.