It's about damn time!

I finally hit 300. I’m feeling less and less newbie-ish every time I hit that nice shiny little “Submit reply” button. Thanks for all y’all making me feel welcome. Anyway, enough sappy sh*t. This is a party after all. Open bar is in the corner. Hot tub around the back. Jello wrestling pit in the other room. And my personal favorite, naked twister is right this way. Have fun everyone!

Woohoo! Congrats, hon! :slight_smile:

runs in and finds her way over to the bar

I’ll be your male slut for the evening. Happy 300!

…and then theres “never late to a party” Falcon! :wink:

My own personal male slut? And what duties does that job entail? Sounds interesting. Enjoy the bar, Falcon!

…someone go fetch the Llama while I go get the baby oil…

Ahhh, sun is shining, the sound of work goes on around me (but of course, I’m too preoccupied with the SDMB), and another party. I’ll ease into this one, and really kick back in a couple of hours when I can get out of here.

Well done hypergirl, and by the way, you joined just before me, and have over double the number of posts! You’re not kidding with your screen name :smiley:


Congratulation’s on 300, hypergirl-

And I hope you enjoy your party very, very much!



And many more…

Welcome to the party, Henry (if I can call you that). settle in. Have a drink (no, I’m not trying to get people drunk, not little innocent me). And as far as post count, my friend Tasha joined just before me, and shes about to hit 1000. Thanks anyway.

OK, I have decided that people aren’t having enough fun, so it’s time to bring in the strippers.

Strippers? Nude Twister? Scotti? Hypergirl? Friends?

sings These are a few of my favourite things…

Nice, but my party had explosives. :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, liquor’s liquor. Somebody toss me a bottle o’ Jack D.'s :smiley:

You want a bottle? Have two. Welcome to dpr and Gunslinger. We’re having fun, right? Though I have to admit, my male slut isn’t doing much for me (j/k).

Yay! A party! I could use one of those right about now …

::eyes the ready and waiting twister board::

In his defense of a friend, I must say that Monster104 does apparently do a good job as a male slut. At least so the rumours say. It’s just his attention span… :wink:

I can offer you a massage until his ADD medication kicks in if you’d like.

Wow, 300, you’re movin’ on up…congrads

Oh, This is a party!

:Silo runs out to his car to retrive an ice cold keg (if you’re gonna party, gots to do it right :p):

Would you like a full body massage, hypergirl? :wink:

Gunslinger said:

Yeah, but here we have hypergirl to look at. At yours we had…well, you.

Congrats, Hyper. Silo, tap that keg.

Happy posting, hypergirl. Here’s to 300 more and more and more and more and…

Naked Twister!!

::takes off all her clothes::

I am SO there! :smiley:

Right on hypergirl. Sorry, I think there’s been some possible infection of the alcohol at the bar. Looks like I’m going to have to start testing, to make sure it’s all alright for consumption. :smiley:

Holy shimmering sheep shit! Forget the booze, looks like I’m trying Naked Twister. It’s my first time, so please…be gentle. :slight_smile: