It's About Godammed Time or Something Good Happens to Swiddles!

I’ve riden my rollercoster of bad luck lately, and was beginning to get a little downhearted. Then in one week, I get a new kitten (his name for the day is Fezzik the Muppet. We’ll see how he likes it), my first born kitty is beginning to tolerate him after only five days, I get more hours at work and a line on a summer gig babysitting, get another acting job (one night improv thing. Whatever, it pays!), get an admin job for my sister’s drama camp, AND…
…drum roll please…get hired to be an RA at Govenor’s Insitite on the Arts. I attended the institute when I was 16, and (I don’t say this too often) it changed my life and who I am. And now I get to be PAID to be there. Too cool. GIA is a fairly big deal here, something I’ve always included on my resume. And now I’m gonna be working for it! Hot diggity.

It’s fairly mundane, kinda pointless, and I sure as hell had to share it with everyone. As soon as I have developed pictures of Fezzik the Muppet, I will post them for all to ooooh and ahhhh at.

Dude!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Glad to hear it! God forbid you actually got a job at the Governor’s Institute rather than this place. I’m sure they have nice white jackets at the Institute


Just pokin’ fun, but congratulations!!

Whoo-hoo!!! Congratulations, Swiddles!!!


Eh, spelling is for left brains. Actually, it’s ironic, I checked the spelling of Governor’s, but not Institute. Feh.

Wasn’t I excused from all spelling mistakes somewhere along my 2500th post or something? :slight_smile:

(Thanks, guys!!)

Congrats, Swiddles. Things are looking up. Hope everything pans out for you. You, of all people, deserve it.

Way to go Swiddles! I’m always glad when someone gets paid to do something they love.

[sub]I have a bit of good news worth cheering about, too![/sub]