It's all over the Internet!

…And, where exactly would that be?
Almost every night on a news show, I’ll be told of the latest escapades of Paris, or a deer running through someone’s house, or, last night, Keith Olbermann showed a clip of teenagers fighting. They never seem to tell you where to see this stuff for yourself.
URL’s anyone?

Many URL’s for videos are quite NSFW.

Some safe for work ones(to my knowledge) are and .

Those two sites tend to have a fair amount of vidoes. also has stuff, but I think it’s NSFW.

By the way, watch the video “You’re not the Father” on the bottom of Jokaroo’s site.

:slight_smile: also has the latest in wierd. Definitely NSFW.

As far as videos go, you can find most popular ones “making the rounds” at and at

The largest collection of funny/wierd “not news” is pretty much at

They post several dozen links a day. Many radio personalities have admitted to getting funny news material from there.

Not so much with videos, but with stories and jokes, “the rounds” is often email. You know, “forward this to all your friends!” type of thing.

For flash animations,

And for almost anything,

NSFW warning above may apply.

youtube or google video have “most popular” type categories.


I know we’re supposed to avoid the jokes and wisecracks in GQ, so all I’m asking is that this idea be given some serious thought.

Say somebody goes to the trouble to set up a webcam-with-sound site and has it set to watch Keith Olbermann (MSNBC actually) around the clock. That way, when KO wants to see what’s “all over the internet” he can just go to that website for the “hall of mirrors” effect.

Would the website or MSNBC burn out a camera first?

Okay, it’s more like a joke, but I couldn’t resist.