It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 4

Didn’t see another thread about this. Anyone else watch?

I thought the first two episodes for the fourth season beat any of them from the third. Some high points-

  • Dee’s sandwich eating
  • Frank: “They drew first blooooooooood”
  • Any scene with Charlie
  • The gang’s sales pitch to the banker and their reaction when they found out that her boss was a woman.
  • “Oh, I cut the brakes. WILDCARD BITCHES!!!”

I’ve always thought that this show had a lot more potential than what it was delivering, and hopefully the rest of S4 keeps up this level of quality.

ps: Wiki lists an ep for the new season titled “Mac Is Banging The Waitress”. I can’t wait.

Charlie speaking with a texan accent was hilarious. Wildcard Bitches!! has become the new I’m Rick James bitch! around my house.

Yeah, Charlie as the Texan was hilarious.

Here we are!

Check the date. Mine was first. But I’m barely even bitter…