It's amazing what you can find on auction sites, or, "I'm a little tea-pot."

'Nuff said.

Doh! Mea Culpa, meant to post this in MPSIMS. Nothing really rant-worthy here.

Oh, I imagine Mr. Tea-pot Seller is ranting.

He’s “not online right now,” according to the little Yahoo chat smiley. Somehow I’m not surprised.

(friedo, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks, thank you!)

Is it just the teapot distorting the shape of his legs, or does that guy appear to be a faun?

We’re debating that very question here, pld. My friend Kathy thinks he has either hooves or high heels on.

That is one disturbed person. I can almost picture it…

*fat, hairy, naked guy sings I’m a little tea pot…

It’s a little used tea pot that sells new for around
$ 13.00. I have the exact same model (and no it’s not mine). I thought it interesting the guy was making a point for interested parties to "email me for more or better photos."

Darn! I was going to come back in here and show my husband the picture and now its gone. Did anyone happen to save a copy of it by chance?

OK, perhaps a tad late, but it’s off to MPSIMS.