Tempest in a Tea Kettle

This may be the funniest thing I’ve seen all month. (Granted, it is June 1 now over here, so June is only nine hours old.) I give you the JC Penney Hitler tea kettle.

Take a look at that photo and tell me you don’t think of Hitler right off the bat. Tell me! The sold out from Penney’s website at US$40 and are now topping $200 on eBay. The linked story says $199, but I’m sure I’ve read elsewhere that bidding has hit $235. I’ve also read a billboard in Los Angeles that featured it had to be taken down after protests.

Ah, I see bidding has reached $245.90.

Quote: "The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors and campaigns against anti-Semitism, told the website: ‘We take JC Penney at their word that any resemblance to the Nazi dictator was completely unintended’.”

I bet never in the ADL’s wildest imagination did they ever think they’d be writing those words.

They should have seen trouble brewing; and they should have known that people would be steamed, if not boiling mad.

But it’s steeped in history!

I wouldn’t mind having one. It would be the subject of Constant Comment.

I so want that kettle. I can see why there is such a führer over it.

Who would want to be reminded of Hitler’s cruel-tea?

We really need an animated brick-throwing smiley here…

We were just discussing this very subject at dinner tonight. The family agreed that if you remove/obscure the handle that looks sorta like a hairdo comb over, then it’s just a teapot.

Try it - just scroll the top half of the handle off your screen and all you got is a teapot. Yep.

Now please, do commence with the bad pun-ditry. The tea party needs some help after all that IRS nonsense…

That would be ideal if you had a Braun coffee maker.

At first I didn’t see it. But after looking several times the figure of a head with some hair, nose, and stash is recognizable. I still don’t see Hitler. But since people say it’s him then I can’t disagree. The resemblance is like a caricature that someone drew. Just the basic lines of the person.

I didn’t have to look at it for Ooolong time to see it.

I think it’s the back of the handle that makes it look like Hitler. And the spout looking like a Nazi salute adds to the effect.

It helps, I think, if you picture it as Emo Hitler.

I really like the companion “Meín Kettle” mug. 10% of all proceeds go to the ADL.

Or maybe Cartman as Hitler.

“Dieter, how many orders do you have so far…?”


“Ah, we are above projections! I shall send a report…”

Ger-many good puns here are my cup of tea.

Then you should feel cozy!

There’s some real creativi-tea here.

You know what kind of tea that kettle deserves?


Ha! I was thinking of that last night! :smiley: