Tempest in a Tea Kettle

On my way to work each morning I pass a billboard advertising this kettle. I couldn’t figure
out what the image was until about the third time I drove by it. I then saw that it was a tea kettle
bit it never looked like A. Hitler to me until I saw an article about the billboard. The billboard
was recently removed: http://www.news10.net/news/national/246835/5/Is-this-the-most-controversial-teapot-in-history

Bunker mentality, no doubt.

I’m sure there are some people who do nazi it.

I certainly didn’t see it Reich away.

So does this mean Hitler was a tea-bagger?

Or was he the Tea Nazi? (“No tea for you!”)

Bloody heil! You guys are a gas. Anne Frankly, hitlarious, too.

Yeah, but some of us are just blowing off steam.

It does look like a daliesque version of hitler.w

Just the kettle I need to brew some tea at Mein Kampfire.