It's another "Which PS3 game should I get?" thread

Well, I’m out of games to play at the moment (sort of). So I’m looking for suggestions. Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:

**Fallout: New Vegas. **I loved Fallout 3 - I platted it even. The local Disc Replay has it for $30, which seems a steal.

Fallout 3: Expansions. I never did get around to buying the GOTY edition. I was at a GameStop, and they didn’t have it - I’d either have to go through Amazon or buy them individually (such a rip off!).

**Assassin’s Creed 2. **I never played the first one, but this was available for $16. Seems like people really liked it, right? Do I miss anything by not playing the first?

The Sly Cooper Collection. $30 for 3 extremely well-received games that I’ve never played? That seems like a great deal, right?

Mass Effect 2. This was available for $40, which seems like a ridiculously low price. A friend has it though, and I’ll probably be able to borrow/buy it from him when he’s done.

**Little Big Planet expansions. **I never got around to playing them.

Demon’s Souls. This I have, but really don’t feel like grinding through.

New Vegas is excellent, I thought it was better then the original Fallout 3. So get that before the Fallout 3 Expansion.

Mass Effect 2 is great , but if you can borrow it from a friend in a little while you might as well wait.

Assassins Creed. I personally didn’t care for it, many people think it’s brilliant.

Can’t speak to the others on the list.

If (as it seems you do) you like RPG’S, then the original Dragon Age is very good and probably pretty cheap.

New Vegas - Awesome game and definitely a must buy, if not now then at some point.

Fallout 3 Expansions - Definitely buy Broken Steel, it actually finishes the game right. Also I highly recommend Lookout Point, it has this awesome creepy atmosphere. The Pitt was so-so, and I had no fun at all with Operation Anchorage. I never tried the expansion with the aliens, just didn’t interest me.

Assassin’s Creed 2 is fun. I didn’t like the first one so I’d recommend skipping it entirely.

I’d get the Fallout 3 expansions first and then get New Vegas when you can.

What are people’s thoughts on Borderlands? I was a Diablo II addict for years and that gets a lot of comps. Get the GOTY edition?

Skip Assassin’s Creed 1. AC2 is awesome. I also think you should look into Uncharted 1 and 2.

Already played the Uncharted games. Awesome.

I played like million billion hours of that. Loved it for some relaxing free-roaming FPS action. It is kind of shallow and the story’s nothing special, but it does the actual shooting part very well and of course the loot system is awesome. And I didn’t even play co-op which should add yet another dimension to the game.

AC2 is great, AC2: Brotherhood is also very good and continues the story of Ezio. I don’t have FO:New Vegas yet; there were a lot of bugs at launch but my understanding is that those are mostly resolved now.

I’ve Borderlands and for some reason it doesn’t do it for me, but a couple of my friends have it and absolutely love it.

I ordered Borderlands GOTY this morning from Amazon. Can’t beat $26 for a full game and 4 add-ons.

I loved Fallout: New Vegas. Of course, I’m the type of grinder gamer who doesn’t mind loading up empty Nuka Cola bottles to go sell in town to make money in a slow way to buy better gear.

Borderlands? I had a hard time and gave up as that robot got on my nerves.

Haven’t played most of these, but I would highly recommend Assassin’s Creed 2, and Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood in that order. I wouldn’t say that AC1 is strictly necessary in order to enjoy the sequels - it provides some backstory, but it was a chore to play all the way through, with a lot of repetitiveness in the missions. Find a plot summary online to catch up, and you’ll be fine.

But definitely play AC2 before playing AC:Brotherhood - AC2 is very fun, has a lot of side quests for completionists, and AC:B’s plot picks up right from the end of AC2. Plus, you’ll appreciate some of the gameplay improvements in AC:B that much more.

Demon’s Souls. If you’ve already gotten it, then it shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s the answer to the modern question of games having become so damn easy and it’s very, very sexy. Also, they’re making a spiritual sequel. (Dark Souls)