It's auntie em's birthday!

Happy Birthday to auntie em!

Not only is she beautiful and nice and sweet and fun and creative and tantalizing and wonderful and cool and great and neat-o, she’s also…

A year older!

“How old?” you ask.

Why, just old enough to be perfect. :slight_smile:


Happy Birth Day to You!
Happy Birth Day to You!
Happy Birth Day, Dear auntie em!


Look, Honey, DeVena made it so you got a soooooooong! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday Em! Wishing you a good day, a good year and a good life! Be well.

Hey, happy birthday, auntie em!

Have fun, celebrate, do something neat.

Oh, and give SkipMagic a big ol’ wet one for starting a bday thread for ya.

Dude, he gets those all the time, especially if I’ve been eating bean burritos . . .

Oh, wait–did you mean a kiss??? :wink: :smiley:

Thank you, one and all, for the kind wishes! I love birthdays. I love cake. And cheese, cheese is good.

Today has been replete with all three, so I am one lucky gal. :slight_smile:

<ahem> clearing throat <ahem>

If yer gonna sing Happy Birthday ya gotta belt it out. :smiley:

A very happy birthday to you, auntie em!

How come I didn’t hear about this? I could have baked and decorated the cake you know!!! We live in the same town!(Whiiiiinnnnnnnnnne)

But seriously, will there be an actual party? Or you could come by the cafe and I’d buy you a piece of cake!!!

Forgot to include the following link, in case anyone wants to know why SkipMagic likes auntie em. Just click on her name under the cover photo, at the bottom of the page.

Oh, so that’s why I love our little Love Muffin. See, thanks to this picture, you can see how I originally thought she was an original member of the Shirt Tales gang.

And Dude, Shirt Tales are better than Spanish Flies when it comes to wuvvin’. (Could you blame me for falling in love?)

Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are awesome.

And I would love to come see you (and have cake!), but it may have to wait a couple of days, since I’m SICK today!

(Well, actually, I’ve been sick all weekend, and if I’d just acknowledged that fact, I might be OK today, but instead I insisted on going out Saturday night, despite having developed a sore throat and a hacking cough on Thursday. I didn’t do much; SkipMagic and I went to The Melting Pot in Kansas City for a fondue dinner (I got traditional Swiss–YYYUMMEEEEE!–and he got the cook-your-own-in-oil variety in the form of seafood, but quickly lost patience with spearing and cooking a chunk or two at a time, and so dumped his entire platter of shrimp/marlin/scallops into the oil at once, which provided our waiter with some amusement; the waiter in turn provided Skip with a big slotted spoon to fish his dinner out of the fondue pot) and then over to a friend’s house for a little while. But by the time I’d gotten home after an evening of drinking, endless gabbing, and massive cheese consumption, I was going down, fast.

I awoke at 3:30 am on Sunday with a SCORCHING throat and today, despite my body’s plaintive cry for more time in bed, I am at work.

But I am happy because I am wearing a new sweater that I got on super-sale (75% off). It has a big white star right in the middle of the chest. I’m like a Sneetch. But I’m not a snob about it.)

There will not be a party, because I don’t usually have parties–I usually wait until the end of March, when my friend Mary hosts her annual Evening of Bacchanalia Descending Into Debauchery.

The best birthday kicks are the ones you get without having to be the one to clean up after. :wink:

Happy B-day!

Happy birthday!

Did you get a spanking yet (he asks in a salacious manner)?:smiley:

Nope. Not even a “love pat”. :wink:

Happy Birthday! Right on time too!*
[sub]*there seems to be some sort of “glitch” in the SDMB programming and the dates for posts are 24 hours in ahead of where they should be. This was written at 5:00 on Monday the 10th.[/sub]