Its Bonita Supreme's Birthday Today! Please wish her a hapyy birthday:)

Today is the 22nd Birthday of my friend Bonita Supreme :smiley:
She is by far one of the coolest people I know, even with her severe I need a man and lose weight issues. I am completely broke so there is not much I can give her, except a Happy Birthday thread on the straight dope. SO

Darn it, a slightly mispelled birthday thread:smack:

Happy Birthday to the ever-sexy Bonita Supreme! I know you’re new, but here’s hoping you stick around and let us get to know you better!

(to the tune of that MOTHER song)

B is for the birthday wishes graaaaaanted
O is for the older that you got
N is for the neato stuff in wrappers
I is for the ice cream (cold not hot)
T is for the tons of cards and leeeeetters
A is 'Appy Birthday in Cockney
Put them all together, they spell “Bonita!”

(rhyme rhyme…)

You’re 22, that’s old enough for me!

Happy Bidet!