It's February...Marie Callender's...WOOHOO! PIE!

February is $5.99 Pie Month at Marie Callender’s!

Wife says must bring pie!

Today I got Kahlua Cream Cheese. Missus is very pleased.

Next will probably be Lemon Double Cream or Chocolate Silk.

What MC pies have YOU brought?

I thought this was about something else.

February…Marie Callender’s…Pie…Yeah, I can see how you got confused. :confused:

Sour Cream Apple is my favorite. Might have to stop by on my way home!

When come back, bring pie!

Me on diet… no pie. :frowning:

Peach is my absolute favourite. I always have it when I go to the States.

Is there a restaurant? I know Marie Callender’s frozen foods. I don’t remember ever seeing pies.

Is Marie Callender’s a store? They make some pretty damn good frozen dinners, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of their pies in the grocery store.

Just visited the website.
Unfair! Nothing on the east coast.

Find some low carb cheesecake. Ruby Tuesday’s discontinued theirs, unfortunately.

Here in Northern Ohio, we have in all the grocers most/many of her frozen pies. I usually get one about every two weeks, quite often on sale.

Went to the restaurant in the early 1980’s while in Calif. Was very happy. Comfort food done right.