It's fun-employment not Unemployment

Hello all, Since recently being laid off i suddenly have an abundance of free time on my hands and old memories of reading the SDMB at previous jobs. I thought I would come out of the woodwork and see what all this posting business is about. I have been lurking on and off for many years.

A little about myself, I live on the space coast (east) of Florida, It’s alright around here but being able to watch a shuttle lift off from my front yard does have its appeal. Like I said I don’t have a job right now but am ever on the hunt.

I’m not that good at getting these things started but feel free to ask me any questions. Hopefully I can get the money up for a full time membership soon. I’ve enjoyed reading the boards and hopefully participating will be just as entertaining.

From a fellow Floridian:

Welcome to the Dope!

Now where’d that squid go?

Um…I believe that the StraightDope is supposed to be for working people during normal business hours.

Just kidding. But you really should be outside.

Are you actually a reverend, and why are you falling?

welcome aboard.

i hope you find a wonderful new job soon.

I hate bumper stickers but,
I once bought a used Pickup truck and it had a bumper sticker on it that said “Unemployment isn’t Working
I let that one stay for awhile.

That is what the title of the OP made me think of so I thought I’d share that. I hope you, like my bumper sticker, stay for awhile.

Hello The Falling Reverend. Be welcome (or welcome back). Enjoy your stay and good luck on the job hunt!

You’re not accidentally falling backwards onto a potato while changing your curtains naked, are you?