It's Monday, let's begin the MMP

Nothing much here to say. Just let’s get this Monday over with and head on out to Friday!



Now that I have dispensed with the juvenilities… :smiley: Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis a chilly 47 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 70 for the day. A mild Fall day in south Jawja.

StickyBuns thanks for startin’ us off. Here’s hopin’ you’re on the mend and this is a much better week.

Today I get to go over to the east forty and do an intake. Also, I get to [del]torture[/del] give a literacy test. Rah.

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas and alack, 'tis Monday so irk purtification must commence.

Happy Monday Y’all!


Blurf. Gotta go do stuff.


That’ll be the day…

Morning all,

Who ever invented irk needs to DIAF.

That is all.

I have to leave the house today! :eek: I’ve got a dentist appointment in a couple of hours to get an adult sealant put on. Did you know that they had adult sealants? They do and I need to get one because I have a very groovy molar. And not in the Studio 54 way, more in the “dirt road after a heavy rain” way.

This, of course, means that I can stop by Two Guys on my way home and get a good sub for lunch. That is the rule when one has a dentist appointment.

Moanday is livin’ up to its name so far. So is irk. Got a participant actin’ up over in the west forty. Got somebody all in a panic over a meetin’ on Wednesday. Got a participant who wants to change the account his check goes to on a payday week no less. GEEZ!

I am at irk, it is only irksome because I can’t do much today. I’ve changed departments, got a nice office in a different building, but of course this morning they’d turned off my electronic access from the job I was doing last week and haven’t reinstated it for my new department.

So now I am logged in as someone else and will have to wait until tomorrow to see if they have sorted me out as me again, or whether we’ll have to send in the Sri Lankan Ninja Spiders with extra-sharp pointy sticks.

Ho hum. I think the best thing to do is to have another cup of tea, don’t you?

Much hate for getting someone to respond to fix my less than 2 year old couch that was under extra warrenty. I put in a claim last week. Have heard NOTHING. Have called back twice. Just got a live person. “We have to print out the paper work before we can schedule someone to come out.” DAFUQ? I find their lack of urgency…disturbing.


Monday: The day after you enter the “Long Dark Teatime of the Soul”.

Need more coffee and a #15 T nut driver because my Giveadamner is non functional. The proper tool may be a hammer.

Back when the Bean Juice kicks in


Must be the right place ------- not too many people up yet.

My old dentist retired.

I’ve chosen to go to a big chain: they’re available not only all over the country but also in several neighboring ones, so if and when I move it’s relatively easy I’ll have one of their clinics nearby.

Seeing the GP on Monday so he can sign me up for a mouth TAC to see whether that half-wisdom-tooth which is not half but tilted is impacting its neighbor or not (SS will cover the TAC, so unless it’s something supermegaurgent most people get it that way). I can’t use SS in Catalonia for political reasons (they refuse to see patients from the rest of Spain unless the patient is bleeding heavily), but I’m going to be working a short job “back home” the next couple of weeks and I happen to have Monday free, so the timing was perfect for that.

Seeing new dentist on Wednesday so she can do the first new fillings, ow. I need a crown too, but since I’m going out of town that’ll be after I come back.

The bills are gonna hurt… it’s along the lines of 1K€, for a crown and three fillings; more if that tooth isn’t impacted, in which case the unreachable wisdom tooth will come out. Half of it is the crown.

I am Grumpy Cat today

I have been irkinated and caffeinated, my vehicle has been heaterated and navigated, my office is illuminated, and my inbox is saturated.
blurf to the max.

The migraine is still graining away, with no relief expected until Wednesday when I have an appointment with the bone-cracker.

Remember the power outage we had a couple days ago? To combat the dark, DH lit candles. Unfortunately, the one he put on the humidifier overflowed its holder and wax dripped into the humidifier. Guess who got tasked with un-waxing it?

Blurf indeed.

Someone turned the heating on full last night, and I didn’t know how to turn in back off again, so I basically spent the night melting… I don’t deal well with heat, so I barely slept, and am full o’blurf today.

Oh well, at least we had sun for a nice change- it’s been raining all week.

Going on vacay tomorrow for 6 days in Lexington Kentucky. It’s kind of a working vacation seeing as I’m volunteering at the national championships for a horse show. I get to work in the office so hopefully I get to boss people around.

Shh! Don’t give the North Carolina General Assembly in Its Infinite Wisdom any ideas!

The one who waxed it? Or would that make too much sense?

Back from the dentist, obviously. I was in and out in fifteen minutes. It took me longer to gas up my car because I made the mistake of stopping by a gas station that served Dunkin Donuts coffee. Apparently all the jerks who can’t park right drink DD coffee. :rolleyes:

I did indeed stop by to see the Two Guys and they gave me a Cuban sammich in exchange for money. I like that kind of trade!

WTF did you do to break a couch??? :eek: