It's my Birthday! And I want to be a Prophet. (long)

Yippi! Happy birthday to me! I turn 1000 today and you know what? I wanna be a Prophet. Someone who predicts the future, one who sees what is to come. Here is my Prophecy:

The state of the world as we know it, is anxious. War is breaking on many fronts and people are enraged with one another. The worship of more than one God is rampant in many of the cultures of the world yet condoned in only a few. The United States is a melting pot of culture and freedom. This nation has come to power relatively recently when compared to other nations who have centuries behind their coats and arms. We barely have three centuries. In that time we have made many enemies, some who even want to see the entire destruction of our peoples. Others profit from having ties with us, where some suffer from having ties with us. We have become a nation not only thought of as a superpower, but as a bully. Some will argue we do more good than bad, others the opposite is true for. How do the citizens of this nation decipher what is right and wrong with our policies? Some know that justice can take many guises and in the long run, education, industry, capitalism, and the freedom of choice to make your own decisions weighs high on the scale of humanity.
I see a wave of another front sweeping the world, as we know it. A global sensitization of a greater good coming into our view, a new realization. It is my perspective that the younger generations are becoming more informed at earlier ages, people are realizing at younger ages that humanitarianism is not something to be afraid of but more of a sense to be embraced.
In the coming decades, I see a lessening of terrorist activities simply as a byproduct of the realization that people are free to learn what ever they want to learn. Naked aggression would be passé, and demonic threats of mass murder upon other nations will be unreasonable as a method to attain a goal.
I am not speaking of global utopia, because that is an irrational goal to set for a civilization. I am talking about a global awareness of a common good. There will be people left that hate to fill in the gaps of yang, they will balance societies. However, the younger people are when they become informed, the earlier people will recognize atrocity and global malcontents. Some of these young people will learn how to change the world around them, through awareness and a wont to make things flow in a way where people are not sacrificed.
These new generations, over time, with the advent of new technologies will beable to share information with each other in way s that are only conceivable now, but will be reality in the future.
Let’s hope we do not destroy any semblance of a better life for our children, let’s hope we make life for our kids worth living.
I hope this is not simply a fitful dream, I hope it comes to fruition one day, and I hope my kids, embrace love for their fellow human beings, instead of hate.
Now if I post every 60 seconds for 10 consecutive days, I’ll be able to catch Handy! :slight_smile:

WOW! That’s pretty interesting. Sounds good, and it reminds me of a book I read. You may have heard of it, The Celestine Prophecy. I do hope the state of the world does change so my grandchildren do not ever have to see what we have seen.
Happy .K.

Well, that might be true it Handy stopped posting or slowed down. But Handy never stops posting or slows down. He can’t be stopped. He cannot be contained. He is SuperHandy.