It's my guinea pig's birthday!

Thats right! My guinea pig Molly is 2 today. She was born in this very room, and I was the first human she saw. I remember walking into the room to feed her Kirby, her mom, and saying “KIRBY! YOU HAD YOUR BABIES!” Ever since that day, 2 years ago she has been apart of my life. She is the last thing I see every night, and the first thing I see every morning. (her cage is that the foot of my bed.) I’m sure everyone talks to their pets, and I talk to her. (I don’t like to talk to my dogs. They fall asleep. It depresses me.) Anyway, I would just like to say…
HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY MOLLY! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Boy. I need a life, don’t I. sigh Oh well. Hey! carrot cake!

Happy birthday Molly!

I love guinea pigs. There so cute! I used to have one called Ginger.

And there’s nothing quite like having a pet right from the beginning. I had 2 male hamsters. I remember my mum called me into the living room once.

Mum - “One of your hamsters is actually female”
Me - “How do you know?”
Mum - “The babies are a bit of a clue”

And sure enough there were 6 adorable baby hamsters. I kept them all. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Molly!

Yeah, I admit it. I have 2 female piggies. Both were about 6 weeks old when I got them in the last week of March. To simplfy life, I’ve decided their birthday is Feb 14th :smiley:

And like you, they’re the last thing I see going to sleep, and the first thing I see when I wake up. Of course half the time they’re the first thing I see waking up because that’s were all the noise is coming from when they “popcorn” around their cage!

Me and the Kale’s Angels send birthday Wheeks! Incidentally, my girls just turned two as well.

Awww…your piggies are adorable to the limit! I am getting a digital camera (should be here any day now) so once I figure out how to work it, I’ll post a picture of Molly. She is ver cute as well. I had like 5 other males, but they caught a virus some how, and all died within a week of eachother :frowning: Molly didn’t catch it because she was in my room, and not the room the boys were in. Molly had a great birthday, I gave her spinach for breakfast, and some orange for dinner. She started to purr. I think that if Molly was a human, she would be Jackie Burkhart, from That 70s Show.

Years ago I bought a female guinea pig from a pet store. It was a brown and black fluffy haired pig; its eyes were close together so I jokingly called it Martian Face. One day I left it to run around in my bedroom while I went to class (I was in college) and when I came home I noticed that it stayed under the bed and didn’t run over to greet me. Then I saw some blood near the bed. Thinking something had gotten in and attacked the piggy, I looked under the bed and saw two guinea pigs.

Yes, “Martian Face” had been pregnant and I hadn’t noticed because of her fluffy fur. I changed Martian Face’s name to Mama Miniskirt (because she was now a mama and some of the puffy hair on her backside looked like a miniskirt) and I called the baby Fancypants.